there is a craving in you

There Is a Craving In You

Their soul burn with raging fire

so, they are consumed in a vacuum

craving they cannot control

but accept enthusiastically, thinking it’s a release

the desires of galvanizing heart

death knocks in pitch black,

power of darkness sway in fashion

In elegance, it persuades for vitality

only one more chance is given

before the accorded underworld open up to devour

hands stretched out, cracks all over

soaking their embodiment

In deep, deep, depth

Never to return to the light


If they ask for renaissance.

The body is channelized in such a way that craving is unavoidable, when you do a soul searching, you realise there is something you desire so bad for…whatever it is; however it affects your innermost being is determined by the way you control your hunger for it.

Whether it’s for sex, gambling, food, drugs, alcohol, dead iced water, money, material objects no matter what your craving is, don’t be too hard on yourself, the first, second to the most recent generation have been there.

Mine was for alcohol, it took me years….. to quit alcoholism, it wasn’t an easy journey, the thirst for it was so intense, I wanted more and more, I was at that point of no return… I thought I would never be able to control it much less quit; I eventually did give up on it.

However how tough it is to control a craving, one most important thing you should know is that, stopping or controlling it won’t kill you. It can be harmful to your health depending on the degree of addiction. Secondly remind yourself that God loves you, love yourself…all other solution to it will surface naturally even without a psychological help.

What are your cravings? How do you control it? Please share with others in the comment box. Thank you.




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