Reawaken The Giant Strides

How long do I keep pretending

That I can live without you

Wish I could turn back the hands of time

To reawaken the giant strides I took

Just to be with you



We Will Cross The Bridge

Love, life, relationships, career can be tough sometimes but consistency with faith and hard work will get us through, like is always been said, “we shall cross the bridge when we get there.”

I have crossed a lot of it and still have lots of bridges to travel across in achieving greatness. This week has been tough I must say. The best experience I encountered was that I crossed that narrow thing successfully and I can smile all the way.

My first Ebook will be out in November (Unveil The Eagle)😍. It hasn’t been so easy writing it, getting it ready to be published coupled with demands from my daily career, family, and other responsibilities. However I love writing, it’s been great, fulfilling and the best thing in my life. I will start working on the second book as soon as this is finally out.

We shall all cross the bridge when it’s time, regardless of life’s struggle for survival💞💝

Transformation outcome of a Loved Woman

When you compare a woman starved of love,

To a woman fed and pampered with love,

You realise that the difference Is so transparent.

If you want your woman to have these happy, gorgeous looks that will radiate from her soul, then subject her to these transformation process and behold the outcome.

Appreciate Every Tiny Favour

Learning to appreciate every favour that comes our way is important in life. Showing gratitude for every tiny privilege granted us goes a long way.

“Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated”- H. Jackson Brown

Many of us don’t know how to do this; I feel biased when I come across people that aren’t grateful of this little opportunities they have or help they get from friends or families. It’s actually a bad habit. We shouldn’t wait till we loose this people  before we start to acknowledge them.

AppreciateLet’s learn to appreciate out parents, friends, colleagues, neighbours, readers, business partners, customers, children, loved ones, workers, siblings, leaders, and the fact is everyone deserves to be appreciated for their kindness to us.

“Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage”- Unknown

Some people appreciate favours but when it’s time to help, they decline, forgetting they were once also helped. Helping others is a great way of showing appreciation. It gives you this feeling of contentment, joy and fulfillment.

Thanks for reading💝

Real Talk: You Chose Him

My marriage didn’t work, that doesn’t make him a crap father. No one is perfect. This is an awesome post written by A Thomas point of view. Hope you enjoy reading just like I did💝

A Thomas Point of View

Can we get real for a moment? Have real talk? Discuss something that’s been on my mind for a minute.

Okay, here goes…

Girl, you chose him! Stop acting like the man that you laid down with and had a baby with is unfit to see his dang child. Was he unfit when you were sleeping with him? Was he unfit when you gave birth? Was he unfit when he showed up at every doctor’s appointment, sporting event or school performance? No.

No, he wasn’t. He was there being a partner with you. Loving you. Being excited for his blessing that was growing in your womb.

We have to stop this backward thinking when it comes to raising our children. We don’t need to raise our children alone. Nor should we have to. If you have a man that is a father and wants to be a father then why…

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The Artificial Life

Live naturally

Love naturally

Eat naturally

Embrace nature.

I love the natural things of life; it gives one this sense of belonging, peace and adaptability. Nowadays we have lots of artificial things around us such as artificial hair, flowers, make up kits, food condiments, even artificial love.

All these are as a result of technology advancements. Are these innovations beneficial to the human lives? What are the positive and negative effects? The benefits are good; the lists amounts to being successful as determined by the scientists. The detriments are disastrous with no remedy or very little one and reduced life.

Let’s encourage the natural form of living, don’t get me wrong. Not that we should stop technology but let’s take into cognisance it’s effects on the human life, relationships, plants and animal existence.

Love, Sex & Marriage In The Ancient Time

When we look back to history, we find out that love, sex and marriage is quite different from what we have now. Ancient times dating back to centuries ago; polygamy was practiced more, even by the Hebrews. According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives with hundreds of children but now in the 20th century till date, polygamy has reduced except still being practiced amongst the Muslims according to their religion and by some upper class people mostly in the African region.

Marriage used to be based on contracts to seal nations. The elite married their daughters off to acquire wealth, properties and lands. Women had no say in whom they can marry or what their heart desired. Marriages were mostly arranged and finalised at their young age. Marriages used to last longer, ‘until death do us apart’ was for real. Nowadays people marry for love, and then divorce creeped in like a thief in the night unfortunately it doesn’t creep in anymore, it comes out boldly to announce itself without any care in the world.

In ancient times people bear children as if it was a competition, nowadays it is suppressed by family planning to reduce over population, moreover some nations are getting poorer, their is very little means of feeding families. Majority of couples actually avoid having children and can basically decide if they want kids or not and how many they want.

In ancient times marriage was legalised between men and women but now we have legalised same sex marriages.

Sex was meant for virgins and practiced after marriage back in the centuries, it was done more cautiously; now people have sex at their leisure times for fun. I’ve heard some crazy facts about sex back then, I’m not sure which is crazier. Is sex more enjoyable and decent now or nastier in the ancient times? Please find out here. 



Underground Romance

I looked straight ahead seeing nothing

Not a care in the world but filled with pain

Deep in thought of what might lie in waiting

Not to be spoken of but reprimanded

The unleashed skeleton in my wardrobe haunting

The underground railway filled with strange faces

Train came and left with everyone

I stood still in distress with tears in my eyes

While I missed my turn

Dark in the night at the same spot

I heard his footsteps that spoke authoritatively

The hair on my neck and arms stood in end

I perceived his cologne which filled the night

Made for him, by him and him alone

Confusion swirled in my head, I shivered

He wrapped me tightly in his arms from behind

Whispered into my ears in a soft compassionate tone

I forgive you

You are my love

The only one I can ever love

Please Come back home



Waiting – I Want Sex

This is an urgent outcry by a lady who seems to be ‘not confused’ but in a fix. She wants sex, but can’t have the sex. Why? She’s got the chassis needed to perform the ‘shake up’ but something is stopping her. What is it? Let’s find out…

Here it goes: I’m a mature lady in my mid thirties, single and painstakingly in need of sex. I’m not a virgin, neither am I physically damaged down there ( eddaz’s words)…I need to ask a question; why is premarital sex a sin? Why is masturbation a sin? I don’t understand life!!

It’s a sin to have premarital sex, but what do I do when I am at a stage of my life where I dream sex, I think sex, I smell sex, I have headaches, I cry at night from the wanton pain for sex, I nag at work all because I need to be shagged. Abstinence is God’s policy to sex before marriage which I respect in as much as I am a christian, and the bible says each man should have his own wife and each woman should have her own husband but because people can’t control the urge, they should get married…The truth is that I can’t rush into marriage because I need sex. I need to wait as I haven’t met the right man. How do I control this alluring urge that is making life difficult for me?


I’m a fully grown woman with needs, urges that need to be quenched, I need to be touched, I need fulfillment every night or I might start to tear apart…I have been waiting for years, hoping that things will turn out as I hoped, unfortunately for me things aren’t turning out that way…

My pastor keeps telling me to abstain and be patient… does he even have any idea what I’m going through, does anyone even have any fr..king knowledge of what I face when I set my eyes on a fully grown bulging man? “I need to rant here eddaz”. I might not get answers but I need to know that I’m not alone in this chafe. I just cannot take this any longer. Something has to be done OR…..


I had to cut the long story short; I’m sorry about that. That’s actually the context of the story.

My Opinion: “I really don’t know what to write on this because I need to be shagged too, not even after reading your story and having to sleep on it and type it out again.” Do what you think is best in this situation…

Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome 💝.