Release From Darkness​

When love turns sour

the memories become dark

until the bitterness is no longer felt.

When I realized it was time for me to move on, he came back to tell me how bad he felt about the way he treated me; he said he didn’t know how blind he was until he lost me but now he has found me.

I’ve been so agitated about this situation where he “the werewolf” roared away so full of pride with my heart and came back after so long with it in his hands drained of blood and turning black already, and I kept asking myself how to take my heart back from him and put it where it was before.

However, as soon as he left me in pain and despair back then, he also gave me the gift of hatred which I kept well packaged for him. But over time my heart got filled with newness, youthfulness, and love by another and I thrashed the ugly, sealed packaged.

That was when I gave him the beauty of his act written as a poem which held inscribed words of how he led me by his dark side to where I found peace and heart renewal.

Image Credit: Pixabay



23 thoughts on “Release From Darkness​”

  1. Eddaz you write with such beauty and passion even when it’s about something so serious and dark but through it all you found light love and so many other beautiful qualities that make you that wonderful special lady you are today.❤️

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  2. I’m blushing again Robbie😍 I try to release everything as much as I can. Thanks for your beautiful words my friend…you are beautiful in many ways😊❣️

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  3. I love that I make you blush that’s a wonderful thing because it means you’re smiling too and you yourself write and say the most beautiful things thank you for saying I’m beautiful now I’m smiling too because I know at the other end of this conversation is a beautiful kind hearted woman whom I’m very blessed to know.❤️☺️🌹

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  4. Your husband is a very lucky man I must say 😁 and you’re most welcome it’s my pleasure I’m so happy I know you too.☺️❤️

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