The simple way of life

The Simple Way Of Life

Life revolves; it evolves; it involves we human revolving and evolving too else we remain stagnant. Supposedly life seems to become harsh, then what do we do? Do we submit and become a reckless victim? Or do we take our stand and put our feet down? The simple way of life is to assume it’s simplicity, and in a less complicated way, take life easy. Take one step at a time. It’s a journey, not a thug of war even though it appears to be so at times…Life is here for us to enjoy it. REMEMBER!

The secret to having a simple life is to wake up happy, live, be hopeful, always create something to do…Never give space to doubts, reject spirits of depression which creeps in quietly like a thief in the night. Yes life can be unfair, it doesn’t give a damn who you are, cares less about your age, doesn’t recognize your gender. More of the reason why you let life accept the fact by all means that you are hear to stay, here to prosper, here to live and be happy.

Life can be a bitch, wicked entity it can be, filled with evil that has found dwelling places in humans that have allowed it to stay without paying rent, but I announce to life that I am a crazy conqueror, I will not submit to the hardships, the terror by night nor to the evil by day, I will not be brought down but stay up and ahead. I will seize all the available tools provided for me and to me to succeed with each step I take and each single move I make.

I say YES to the simple way of life.


19 thoughts on “The Simple Way Of Life”

  1. Too often we get sucked into the aesthetic traps life sets for us, but it’s always the simple things like following dreams and helping others that will make us feel truly good inside. The more people that realise that the better off we’ll all be

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  2. Awesome!

    Life has a natural flow.
    Some people work some don’t. We get sick, we die, we divorce.
    Some of us drugs some don’t.
    Some live in the hood while others live in the suburbs.
    Life gets simple when we accept it for what it is without judging or being critical.
    Bruce Lee said be water.
    When water hits something it flows to the path of lease resistant.
    And that’s what we should try to do.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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