10 thoughts on “Denial of love”

  1. Fighting feelings of love can be (and in the past has been) a torturous thing. Admitting it to oneself can be a very difficult thing to do as you know that doing so puts you immediately in a position of vulnerability.

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  2. Exactly!!!You got it so right…I really hate feeling vulnerable. It’s very tortorous fighting the feeling and then getting broken hearted once you reveal it..😓

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  3. There are arguments for and against being a closed book where love is concerned. While I agree one must lay ones heart on the line in order to find that special someone my personal belief is that shrewdness is the way to play the game. Never show your hand early. Keep that poker face on. A balance has to be struck between risking the game on the chance of winning and forcing the other player to take the chance instead. Rare is it that both players are open and honest about their respective hands (apologies for all the poker references).

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