This is life

This is Life

When I went to school, they

asked me what I wanted to be

when I grew up. I wrote down

“happy.”  They told me I didn’t

understand the assignment

and I told them they didn’t

understand life.

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Image Credit: Pixabay

4 thoughts on “This is Life”

  1. When one of my daughters was in second grade, her teacher gave her a “0” on an art assignment. I went to school to see the teacher. The teacher said my daughter didn’t grasp the what was required, and so didn’t produce the desired result. First, I said, “YOU NEVER EVER GIVE A CHILD A “0” ON ANY ASSIGNMENT.” The school assistant principal, who attended our meeting, agreed. Second, I said, “She understood the assignment, and produced her interpretation. YOU JUST DIDN’T GRASP HER ART.”

    My daughter is an artist, musician, and writer. The teacher was obviously not any of those, and unqualified to judge.

    Thanks for the quote, and reminder that who we are surpasses that of what others think we are, or are suppose to be.

    L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  2. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. Your daughter sure is very talented. I’m glad the quote reminded you of such inspiring thought❤


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