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Expert is Certainty

I am an expert of electricity.

My father occupied the chair of

Applied electricity at the state prison – W.C Fields

What does it take to qualify as an expert in a certain field of occupation? I have recently added to the side bar of my blog for anyone to send in their detailed questions regarding life and relationships.

I have recently been getting more questions on this topic which made me add it to that section. I also added to the heading that I am not a relationship expert. I am neither a psychologist but already about to start a course on that to formalise my ideas….😀😀

Feel free to make yourself anonymous should in case you don’t want anyone to know your identity, not even me!! I will only post the ones that are well detailed  which will require comments from my readers whom I always appreciate for their kind comments, shares, likes and follows. 💞💝

I will notify you through  my email once it’s up so that you may be able to pick one or two points to make use of from the comments;  which you can also send to: eddazoneddaz@gmail.com.

Thank you.