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Muse of My Writing

O! there goes my seeking gull

My muse, precious gem, carrier…

In disquietude I have waited

The world is too much to occupy

Inspiration fading into thin smoke

My mouth has gone sour

Heart beats, soaked in blood

Rythm of thirst in my throat

Fly, fly, fly…..

Sing songs of meditation

Into my belly, fill it with words,

Which inspires, Voices out from my mouth

Imprinted down without repetitions

I soar with you, recognizing the weight of encumbrance

Be damned, bonfire needless to say

Syncopation air flow the words into my being

whole I am again, my soul which grew dark

Is filled with songs of the wind

Deep into the sea, I find my bond

Gush out to the surface

Which flows back into my burnt hands

Concurrently I put down the writings

So that I can live again.