Open The Door Let Me In

Open The Door Let Me In

I have flown thousands of miles to find you. I knocked down so many obstacles before I could get to you. Will you let me in to become your hero?

You called out for me and I heard you, I am here to relieve you of your pain. I’ve been knocking for days knowing you are here; everyday I hear you slip down and cry…

Cry no more for I have come. I heard you-Open the door and let me in. Do not fear, don’t doubt me, I will protect you. I will wipe your shame away, I will keep you in my haven until the air is safe for you to breath in again…

(This post is written in response to the one-word prompt)


11 thoughts on “Open The Door Let Me In”

  1. Definitely right about problem sharing, we all don’t have to act like heroes when we know we need help πŸ˜™. Thanks for loving it Daisy.


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