Opposite Birds

Opposite Birds

He prefers to be on land posing to impress the tourists rather than hanging out and feeding with other birds on the water. It seemed strange to me back then what sort of bird it was with such a long beak; still does. He’s completely opposite to the other birds in the picture.

This image is in response to the photo challenge. Opposites.

7 thoughts on “Opposite Birds”

  1. The main bird is a Pelican, and the one on the far right is a Canada Goose, the other goose look like a Graylag. Land and water, opposites, sorry just being pedantic. Love the image!

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  2. Warning, the Pelicans feeding traits can cause some folk a great deal of stress. Its not related to its, what could be consider its basic diet, fish, oh no. In what looks to me as an urban environment, it will take the young of geese, goslings, and any small ducks and their young too. Even land birds that wander to within range of their huge beaks. Its a trait, that as far as I am aware, has not been recorded in its marine habitat, that’s not to say it doesn’t. I hasten to add that I am not condemning it, for we all have to eat. It is, as I mention, a stressful event to witness, for some of us. Hope you don’t consider this warning as scare mongering, for I’m just making the point that it could be a possibility. ☺

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