Living a life of luxury

Living a Life of Luxury

Who wouldn’t want to live a life of luxury, even the holiest person on earth would love to. I know life isn’t full of it and it has to be worked for. What are the luxurious things in life you would love to have? I would like to share a couple of mine with you.

It’s my utmost desire to travel on a yacht with my partner, sail for a couple of days on a sparkling blue sea where we would be alone, spend time with each other, no disturbances from any one. Take dives into the water once in a while, go to sleep at night with the sound of the cool breeze and wake up to the summer warm’t on our skin.

Dreaming of a Luxurious Life

Another luxury I would love to delight myself in is riding in the new Toyota 2016 highlander, I just love the sleek smoothness of it, wish I could stroke the body of the car with my tongue like it’s chocolate… I definitely prefer the grey colored one that can fit a number of eight people. I admire the cool, comfortable interior like I could turn it into my bedroom and sleep all night in it. The sound system is so tempting, I could actually open up a family disco club in it. Ha ha..



However , I need to mention that I hunger for a big studio full of books of all sorts of genre, with art work hung all around the walls; I love art work a lot but unfortunately bad in drawing. The studio should have a good sound system, so that anytime I feel drained from writing I could just sit, relax and flow with the sound of the rhythm of music. I wouldn’t want it to have a TV set, else I would end up not writing anything- I’m a movie freak! This isn’t all but they are some of the most desirous luxurious life I would love to live. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a materialistic person but once in a while there are somethings we wish we could have and just maybe we’ll get them.

living a life of luxury

So what luxury would you like to lavish yourself with? Think about it.

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28 thoughts on “Living a Life of Luxury”

  1. Wow! I have a dark gray toyota, and I will be thinking about this post on the drive home tonight. 😉 I do have a studio, but it’s a music studio, with rock n’ roll memorabilia on the walls, but not ‘true’ art. As far as cruising on a yacht, that is a dream! I’ve been on boats before and cruise ships. I’d love to have something a bit more personal in the form of a yacht. Nice post, Eddaz!

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  2. Well I believe it’s a luxury since it’s something you really wanted to have and it gives you the comfort you need 😊. The yacht is a highly tempting one 😉😉

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  3. You would like to lick a car – I love that 🙂
    I’m trying to think of a luxury I would enjoy, but nothing comes to mind. About three years ago I found myself broke, with not enough money to eat properly, or turn the heating on in my damp flat – even for an hour – all through the the winter. I got through it, and now I consider myself lucky to have a home. Life is good to me 🙂
    Oh – one thing – I’d like to visit my brother who lives in rural Spain. That would be a wonderful luxury.

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  4. I’m glad you are happy now. We’ve all had that phase of life at one point or the other and some are still in it but someday will also live to enjoy the luxury of what gives them comfort. Enjoy😊

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  5. Loved the visual you painted. I had the latest Toyota Yaris, and got it salvaged within three months. My one luxury gone. Can’t think of luxurious things. Hurts. Sheen.

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