He lies beneath the surface

He lies beneath the surface

Sparkling clear glamour

Imitating the sky blue

Something lies beneath the surface

Drifting in silent metamorphosis

In depth of pitch black

The soul no one knows

Shallow fierceness that lies

In a man’s heart

Thread softly, be at alert

Do not fall prey to the hunter.

30 thoughts on “He lies beneath the surface”

  1. This is quite ambiguous and open to different interpretations which I like-if I read it in different moods I’d probably get different meanings. ps. The photo is so clever! Love it 🙂

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  2. I always love your blog. I have drastically cut down on what I read in my reader now, so I just read the blogs of my followers. It is nice as I get quality pieces like this to read, without being swamped by so many posts that I don’t have the time to read xxx

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  3. I understand, I get to read a lot too, gets me dizzy sometimes😊 Lol. But I still spend quality time reading them and your’s too. You blog inspires me a lot so I take so much interest in it.

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