Elegant by Nature

Elegant by Nature

All creatures great and small

Created in the awesomeness of divine

Graceful in structure, given life to survive

Not within the power of humanity

With the hands, their sculpture can only be made

Not even in conformity to nature

Glory in naturality, magnificent

Effortless exquisite splendour

One to behold; proudly speaks

In animal magnetism, perfect showcase of soigné

I am elegant by Nature; wonderfully made.

38 thoughts on “Elegant by Nature”

  1. Real pretty poem, beautiful photo. They look the same sex. The nature video I watch, they seem to get ready to fight for their mate, I don’t know. But they are beautiful. We just met, so congratulations to all the awards. Thanks for like my award post. I invite you to come back to visit my other post.

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