When a Relationship Sends you Running for Cover

The strength of courtship between  a man and woman lies in the bond between them. What creates this bond is the relationship.

Facing reality, a relationship will do one or all this things to you; it will either kill you, modify, render you useless, make you float with joy, make you feel edgy constantly or decide on the one. The foundation must be built at the onset of the courtship.

I have a friend in dilemma #relationshipheadache. She saw it all but could’t let go, in spite of all the danger signs. It’s a real headache! Realistically if it was you, would you TAKE THE BOLD STEP AND RUN FOR COVER?

Yes you should run for your life! It’s sometimes tough to do but we just have to. Guys, when you dilly-dally in a relationship, you might end up in the ditch. What can be worse than getting involved with someone that is a complete ‘jughead’,  you had actually presumed that this person could be the one, and unfortunately turned out to be ‘a devil in disguise’.


Fine, you’ve already gotten into the relationship thinking you have the right foundation but then you start to realise the mistake you made, It’s definitely not too late for you to take your exit.

There are instances where your partner could be forgiven but you must know when forgiveness should be applied and when you should no longer put up with the shit..

Signs you should run for cover:


When your partner argues over everything and anything, sees all your flaws, nothing good about you, acts like a drama-queen, makes you feel bad….RUN.


Too Busy

Even President Obama isn’t too busy for his family. Once you start getting this vibes of ‘I’m very busy’ from him, it’s time to quite without giving notice, WHY? Simply because you aren’t important enough, once your partner can do without you..Think!

Can’t be seen in public together

What a shame! Your partner can’t introduce you to friends, so what the hell are you still waiting for..Knock, Knock. Come on wake up, your partner should be proud of you, whoever you are, however you look or whatever you are. It’s not too late to RUN….



Lying Freak

If he says it’s raining and you actually need to go out to affirm if it’s true-Hello? Babes, he’s just careless with your emotions….Your partner will probably tell you “I lied because I didn’t want to hurt you” OR “I lied because I respect you,” It’s a damn lie! If he didn’t want to hurt you or respect you, why did he mess up in the first place? There is no explainable reason for such..


This signs are apparent to a lot of us, but sadly we ignore them because we are so caught up in our feelings, emotions and probably business deal we entered into with our partners at the onset.

Remember define your relationship from the beginning, it’s not too late to do it now before you move too deep into it.


32 thoughts on “When a Relationship Sends you Running for Cover”

  1. Definitely agree that bad relationships need to be put to rest. Another thing i guess can be considered is the amount of effort your partner puts into your relationship. If you are always going that extra mile for them but they never even bother then it might be time to reconsider as well.

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  2. waoooo! This is very nice and educative what you cannot eat don’t swallow it any relationship without affection, quite is the solution before it’s too late.

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  3. When it’s time to go; it’s time to GO!..lol
    Honestly I think most can be worked through. But the ones here going to take some real self searching.
    What you value is what you will have and like you said you do that with boundaries in the beginning.
    Great post!

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  4. I agree – the relationship web is a tough one. Esp when your partner lures you in, brings you happiness and comfort – and it takes you YEARS to realize how cracked the foundation really is. I agree with the signs listed and the one mentioned by aisforanzal. (And I really liked your pics! 🙂 )

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  5. I think that it’s difficult to define from the beginning. I think that people always change and develop. However, it’s always good to set the bar as far as what is acceptable behavior. Lassos or not.

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  6. That’s quite understandable. You become wiser and then make the right decisions I believe. We’ve all been there but at one point need to take a bold step, then turn things around. Thanks for reading💝


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