This is an urgent outcry by a lady who seems to be ‘not confused’ but in a fix. She wants sex, but can’t have the sex. Why? She’s got the chassis needed to perform the ‘shake up’ but something is stopping her. What is it? Let’s find out…

Here it goes: I’m a mature lady in my mid thirties, single and painstakingly in need of sex. I’m not a virgin, neither am I physically damaged down there ( eddaz’s words)…I need to ask a question; why is premarital sex a sin? Why is masturbation a sin? I don’t understand life!!

It’s a sin to have premarital sex, but what do I do when I am at a stage of my life where I dream sex, I think sex, I smell sex, I have headaches, I cry at night from the wanton pain for sex, I nag at work all because I need to be shagged. Abstinence is God’s policy to sex before marriage which I respect in as much as I am a christian, and the bible says each man should have his own wife and each woman should have her own husband but because people can’t control the urge, they should get married…The truth is that I can’t rush into marriage because I need sex. I need to wait as I haven’t met the right man. How do I control this alluring urge that is making life difficult for me?


I’m a fully grown woman with needs, urges that need to be quenched, I need to be touched, I need fulfillment every night or I might start to tear apart…I have been waiting for years, hoping that things will turn out as I hoped, unfortunately for me things aren’t turning out that way…

My pastor keeps telling me to abstain and be patient… does he even have any idea what I’m going through, does anyone even have any fr..king knowledge of what I face when I set my eyes on a fully grown bulging man? “I need to rant here eddaz”. I might not get answers but I need to know that I’m not alone in this chafe. I just cannot take this any longer. Something has to be done OR…..


I had to cut the long story short; I’m sorry about that. That’s actually the context of the story.

My Opinion: “I really don’t know what to write on this because I need to be shagged too, not even after reading your story and having to sleep on it and type it out again.” Do what you think is best in this situation…

Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome 💝.