I want Sex- I need it

Waiting – I Want Sex

This is an urgent outcry by a lady who seems to be ‘not confused’ but in a fix. She wants sex, but can’t have the sex. Why? She’s got the chassis needed to perform the ‘shake up’ but something is stopping her. What is it? Let’s find out…

Here it goes: I’m a mature lady in my mid thirties, single and painstakingly in need of sex. I’m not a virgin, neither am I physically damaged down there ( eddaz’s words)…I need to ask a question; why is premarital sex a sin? Why is masturbation a sin? I don’t understand life!!

It’s a sin to have premarital sex, but what do I do when I am at a stage of my life where I dream sex, I think sex, I smell sex, I have headaches, I cry at night from the wanton pain for sex, I nag at work all because I need to be shagged. Abstinence is God’s policy to sex before marriage which I respect in as much as I am a christian, and the bible says each man should have his own wife and each woman should have her own husband but because people can’t control the urge, they should get married…The truth is that I can’t rush into marriage because I need sex. I need to wait as I haven’t met the right man. How do I control this alluring urge that is making life difficult for me?


I’m a fully grown woman with needs, urges that need to be quenched, I need to be touched, I need fulfillment every night or I might start to tear apart…I have been waiting for years, hoping that things will turn out as I hoped, unfortunately for me things aren’t turning out that way…

My pastor keeps telling me to abstain and be patient… does he even have any idea what I’m going through, does anyone even have any fr..king knowledge of what I face when I set my eyes on a fully grown bulging man? “I need to rant here eddaz”. I might not get answers but I need to know that I’m not alone in this chafe. I just cannot take this any longer. Something has to be done OR…..


I had to cut the long story short; I’m sorry about that. That’s actually the context of the story.

My Opinion: “I really don’t know what to write on this because I need to be shagged too, not even after reading your story and having to sleep on it and type it out again.” Do what you think is best in this situation…

Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome 💝.



83 thoughts on “Waiting – I Want Sex”

  1. I was raised a Catholic, so I heard all that nonsense about premarital sex and masturbation growing up. It’s bunk, in my opinion. Sex and sexual urges are primal, and a major component of our core. This talk of it being “sinful” is merely “organized religion” scare tactics and control methods. Just my opinion, but if you need to have an orgasm, give yourself that gift.

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  2. This is why I’m glad to be atheist. I feel no guilt whatsoever about my sexual promiscuity over the years. I don’t need no made up guy in a book telling me I can’t get my end away! F**k that!

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  3. I like it when women write this kind of post 😇 Waiting till marriage for sex is ridiculous in my view, as I said to a male friend yesterday, “when they get a ring on your finger your clit may as well go to sleep lol!” Enjoy pre marital wooing! And copious guilt free shagging. If you’re anything like me, once you get married and face the prospect of shagging the same guy for the rest of your life, you’ll wish you’d created a bed post tally way before!! 😊😀😂😄😳 Be shagged my child and enjoy life 😂😆

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  4. Lol.Summer I think I will personally need to go and create a bed post tally for that😀 and enjoy free shagging before I get to the end of the free shagging road😀💝 Thanks a lot for reading and commenting…

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  5. There are benefits to controlled ’bouts’ of abstinence, as when we starve ourselves of that sexual relief we are forced to refocus all of that energy and passion. Sometimes I find if I go a couple weeks without sex or masturbation I can think clearer, I’m more productive, my writing improves, and I get things done. I’m not distracted or spending time on those pursuits so to keep myself from going crazy I have to do something else. So there’s definitely some good that comes from it. But eventually you have to let it out. A little bit of abstinence can be creative fuel. A lot of it can be cause for mass hysteria. Your writing is already so on point that maybe it’s time to release a bit of pressure on the valve there. Be free as an artist should be! And if you need some help, I still have travel agent connections. There are some CRAZY resorts in Mexico and Jamaica for this kind of stuff. Hahah.

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  6. Thanks for your kind comment. This story is actually not about me. It’s from a reader of my posts, nevertheless she gets to read the comments as I always forward the links to them as soon as I post their stories on my blog. I appreciate your reading and I believe she does too. I personally like the idea of the crazy resorts in Mexico and jamaica, I sure will get in touch with you once I’m ready for that💝💞

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  7. Personally, I think that belief in God and the concept of sins may be at odds with one another. So much of ‘man’ is interwoven into organized Christianity (and other religions) that it’s hard to say what the true word is, versus what ‘sins’ may have been imposed to control people. My parents grew up believing that they couldn’t eat meat on Friday. Imagine a God who creates the Heavens and the Earth and then arbitrarily says you can’t eat meat on Fridays? Makes no sense! Tell your friend that it’s her conscience, her body, her soul. She can come to terms with her own relationship with her maker in a way that going through a pastor cannot. My two cents, adjusted for inflation.

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  8. Seriously Rob, I find it confusing when people come up with different theories now, both biblical and non biblical and it makes me wonder where the world and people in it are heading to. One just has to be wise and careful. That’s just what I think. One on one relationship with God as you said I believe should lead her. Thanks for your input my friend💞💝

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  9. I randomly read this post. Very interesting, to say the least. I can understand the atheists’ point of view about their feeling no guilt about their sexual promiscuity. That belief goes right along with their worldview, since they can be morally good, but have no real reason to be morally good or wrong because their is no foundation to call something good or wrong. This is not a judgement on them, but on how their worldview making sense with enjoying sexual promiscuity.

    I do find it interesting that people (who are Christian) feel that abstinence is like God playing a cruel joke on them. There is this belief that we are made for sex as if (for the Christian) that is all that God created you for. First and foremost, we are supposed to enjoy him and all else falls to a distance second. There are a number of temptations that would be enjoyable and that may not necessarily hurt anything, but if one has an actually faithful relationship with God, then they will feel convicted about hurting their relationship with Him.

    I sincerely hope that if the post’s author is a Christian that you will be encouraged to endure in abstinence and hope and pray that God will deliver you a spouse (husband or wife) where you can enjoy this form of love together for a lifetime. It is a blessing for me to just be with my wife, although I know that it is not cool in today’s culture.

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  10. I believe that premarital sex is something that needs to be explored between the couple themselves. Due to religious believes is a sin to conduct premarital sex. Then again, I know friends who stayed virgins till married and realised that their needs and wants are very different from their partners. Consequently, one is stuck in the marriage for life and might not be physically satisfied.

    In my opinion, just do it. Is a primal emotion, if you love someone is natural to want to get physically intimate with them. Have a good time, is not something to be guilty of.

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  11. Thanks a lot for stopping by to read and comment Jadanner1. It’s a true life story of a reader for me to post on my blog. I say Amen to your prayer for everyone in need of it💝. The link is already sent to her, so she gets to read everyone’s comment which I believe other people in same situation gets to read💕

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  12. Its so sad to wait until marriage and then be disappointed by the partners poor performance😥 thats a terrible situation to face for life. I pray my partner is one that will shag me so well for life😀Thanks for reading Izht. I appreciate your contribution. Have a lovely day💕

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  13. This was such an awesome post. I think that she should see how masturbation goes. If that doesn’t work out, then find someone she likes and trust to share that urge with. 😊Safe sex is key.

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  14. Bravo. The ranting and ravings of an almost liberated female who craves sex. Masturbation is a no-no. Sublimation a term used by sociologists to help the rationaliztion process fight the primal urges. The only human beings who ever enjoyed coitus were Adam and Eve.

    Highschool boys have uncontrollable erections while in class staring at their female teachers legs ( or up their high skirted legs) . Girls at that age blossom beatifully and prsent themselves as recipient sexual partners ( if only their parents would allow them to indulge in such frivolous pastimes).

    Men above 50 years of age crave erections and will swallow and and all types of over-the-counter medications to help them once again enliven the dormant desire laying dormant in their loins. Advertising promotes such stiff competition. 🙂

    Women over that age range ( divorced and disillusioned about the fantasies of romantic love) become more receptive to the robust erections of younger more uninhibited suitors ( usually their trusted divorce attorney).

    It seems there is never enough or sometimes too much adulation and admiration for the simplest of human expressions of closeness: sexual contact.

    In the final anal(ysis) I probably did not answer yor question but rather more issues that only confounds the matter of do I or do I not? 🙂

    Masturbation will not cause blindness.

    Medically proven. Religiously condemned. End of story.

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  15. I think it’s okay to wait. Sex usually clouds your judgement. If you wait it allows two people to get to know each other mentally and emotionally. It also reduces the risk of catching an STD. Condoms don’t protect you from things like crabs, herpes, syphilis, or HPV.

    If a person is trying to avoid temptation, I would suggest exercising, reading, talking to someone who understands how their feeling, or find a few seminars to attend.

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  16. I tend to think the “sex is a sin” thing is for trying to keep teens from getting other teens pregnant. There is nothing wrong with sex in and of itself, it is natural and quite beautiful. The problem can be interjecting lust for sex, or using sex as a medication of sorts. Allowing it to take away our ability to commune with others. Sex is best when it comes with strong connection. Sex can be fun casually, but I tend to think it’s worth the wait for a connection. Ultimately, I’d say take some time and be loving to yourself and enjoy!

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  17. I Don’t know if the person that poses this sexual dilemma is a christian or not but for whatever reasons PLS DON’T SEXUALIZED YOURSELF. such act is very easy and convenient to start but it turns to bondage at later stage. its possible that perhaps you have a high libido, that might possible be the reason for the emotional and sexual bombardment of sexual hormones that keeps ravaging through your body evey now and then.
    I have been there and I made the great mistake of masturbating which brings temporary relief but becomes a monster later on.
    I Dont know but pls seek professional help and ask God for help in renewing your mind. This is not something you can keep battling in your strength. turn it over to God. Sexing around create soul ties that can be impossible to break even after you marry. another ignored, undetected but powerful cause divorce in modern time

    I am praying for you.

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  18. Personally I grew up the same way. As a Christian our faith teaches that sex is a gift to be shared between a husband and wife. Our flesh is our weakness in this journey. Growing our faith and relationship with Christ sets things back into perspective. I encourage her to evaluate her relationship with the Lord foremost. I have been with my husband 18 beautiful years. The sex is still getting better- so don’t be fooled by the world’s perspective on sex.

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  19. Whether it’s called the Bible or any set of rules, people geneally like to break rules or fault them just to show the world they can. So what?
    Having said that, I know for a fact that you are what you think of 90% of the time. When I begin to have these dreams, I consciously check the pertain of my lifestyle and thoughts and consciously avoid certain things and I find out, my dreams and urges are deviod of what I can help at that time.
    I have no right or wrong advice but I hope I have been helpful with my layman ramblings.

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  20. Thanks a lot for your input Buki. I love you taking time to read and comment. Your reply has been helpful. I believe she and those facing the same issue have gained a lot of knowledge from the comments.

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  21. Oh the battles we fight with human desire vs. spiritual design. Satan wants us to be consumed with fleshly desires and the things of this world. God wants us to be more spiritually minded, hoping for the things “other worldly.”

    The question is which one are you going to follow? Yes, it is difficult to fight off the sexual desires…it is one of the more potent influences the evil one has to tempt people of almost all ages. But as maturing Christians, we need to work to be more pleasing to God and to follow His word.

    It is difficult, especially in a world where we are surrounded by a sexually charged environment! But to “give in” to the desires of the flesh is but a momentary pleasure. It satisfies for a while, but then we want/need it again.

    God is aware of this desire and has designed a plan for us to enjoy sex, but it needs to be within a marital relationship. It take a strong person, committed to the Lord to accept this fact. The question is can you accept it? Do you want to? Can you train your mind to God’s way of thinking? You need to answer these questions from your heart…


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  22. First, thanks for giving me permission to let my freaky side out today! 🙂 Second, please tell your friend that thirties is not “mature”, haha! I’m 40….ish (* ahem *) and I would never consider this decade “mature.”

    She needs to let go. Period. We’re all sinners. We will all be forgiven. 🙂

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  23. Haha..I love that confession. We are all sinners😀 and you are right this decade is just not mature. I appreciate your freaky side too💝. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment😉

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  24. I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award! to accepthttps://betchadidntknowthis.wordpress.com/2016/10/20/betcha-didnt-know-i-was-nominatedsunshine-blogger/

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  25. Eddaz, this is an interesting post and the comments priceless. Most of all, I really admire the way you so cordially responded the readers from such divergent paths. There outta be an award for it.

    Sexual tension is so very real, so very common, between two people when there is a sense of ‘chemistry’ between people. I once walked with a lady whom I didn’t know well to get a bite to eat. We were wandering, really, around the town center where there were a lot of options for dining. She said she liked to just walk by and see if a place sorta called her name. There definitely was some chemistry going between us. Sparks. She turned to me and said something like, “I can feel the sexual tension between us.” I’m not as open about talking about things like that, but felt compelled to agree, to admit to the feelings. Once we’d brought it into the open, it was dealt with. She noticed the change. She commented on it, too. It seemed that the sexual tension was something that needed not to be acted upon, but simply acknowledged and spoken about to each other.

    Anyway, keep up the great articles.

    Oh, thanks for stopping by JonahzSong; glad you liked Bridge over Troubled Waters.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


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  26. Thanks a lot for your kind comments Jonahzsong. You are so right in us acknowledging our sexual tension. Can be really tough to speak out but solves a lot of dilemma feelings and thoughts💝. I will be back on your blog. Have a great day.


  27. Due to anxiety as a child I became a chronic masturbater so when I lost my virginity at 16 I was a little perplexed because i thought it was going to be like the songs they sing and the movies they make so maybe it was my fault for getting used to my own flow…but I have a lot of experience since then and I think it should be relaxed and the energy should manifest the mood. not a planned controlled expectation or selfish lovers that need to feed their ego lol

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  28. You are not the only one that feels that way. But abstinence till marriage is God’s idea and trust me you will be happier for it. Wait my dear, wait….till you are married.


  29. The sex struggle is real. At this age your body is jus wild with desire and then yea on one hand there’s the church and abstinence stuff and on the other hand fuckboys an emotional draining situation on its own. Basically when single at this age and faced with the church moral situation you life is hell.

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  30. This is as objective as I can get without taking sides. In anything, it is important to measure “consequences”. In a society where changing partners regularly is defined as freedom, we may have to give up privacy and discretion in exchange for that freedom. Think of the nude photos or explicit videos passed around to friends or posted in the tabloid press because “freedom” was exercised without establishing trust and character. (cough) Hulk Hogan (cough). Even if the reasoning behind “wait until you’re married” seems old-fashioned, at least a spouse would be protective and share some of that shame if there was a loss of privacy.

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  31. Follow a priest advice???, specially about sex…give me a break!!!! A pastor’s advice about marriage??? Come on…Does anyone know how many people are out there living trouble life’s because of the terrible sins that these so called “representatives of God on earth” have committed…true that not all of them are the same, or were the same, but when it comes down to my own sexuality and personal life I’ll followed my own lead…not another sinner’s advice…thanks…but no thanks..lol


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  32. The waiting game is painful…However you would rather wait for someone who’s going to be mind-blowing and satisfy all your needs than just shagging anyone and be disappointed! keep searching!! wishing the best xxx

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  33. I just read this post, searching for new things and topics and this one made me think. As a Pure Romance Consultant, I meet a lot of other consultants who were in this same predicament. I cannot claim either way as I do not identify as being any religion or atheist. However, in talking with other people who believe in the same… sometimes a person realizes that some things are not what they seem. Hopefully this person has found an answer or has satisfied her urges. Either way, that is a tough spot to be in.

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  34. If she waits and the guy is lousy in bed, bummer. Also, developing sexuality and learning what you like and dont like and creating that physical intimacy is so crucial tobme before she gives herself away for good. I think its foolish to adhere to this ancient dogma

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  35. Such a great post. It’s so natural for us adults to want to have that sexual fulfillment every night. I am glad that I came across you who’s as sexually open minded n comfortable with sex as I am. 🙂

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  36. Hi, your honesty, and truth is refreshing. Sex, by itself with a partner is complicated…especially over time. Meeting the right person, maybe a better start. Casual sex without strings attached is the norm these days, and the pychological pain of temporary fullfillment…may be worst. I would continue to trust your inner guidance, for max fullfillment. Just my opinion…good luck

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