A Conundrum of Life

One Fact About Human

A conundrum of life I have learnt is that getting to know someone completely is very difficult, If not almost impossible. I actually compare it with a painter painting a picture on a frame…

When you see an artist begin his or her work of art imagining what the final work will be all about…yet you’re still wondering what the outcome will be as the artist continues brushing away…by the middle of the painters work you know you are getting a pretty good idea what the final work will look like, but yet you’re still not one hundred percent sure…and the painter is about to finish his or her work…now you almost know exactly how the concluding work will look like…but in reality you’re still not hundred percent sure until the artist strokes his or her final brush…

Hardly ever in life do we see that special someone’s final picture. That final stroke of a brush that would show us exactly what the person is really about….and so enjoy his or her work of art, but never completely picture it in your mind, and in your heart, until you see that final stroke of the brush…

This is one fact about human we are currently to contend with.

A post written by my friend Carlos Soler

9 thoughts on “One Fact About Human”

  1. You’re one charming work of art…surprise after surprise, word after word..that’s you, a sweet and lovely queen…


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