Most controversial people

Most Controversial People And Topic

Generally I’m not a fan of controversy but I would like to discuss a few controversial people and topic, they are usually interesting.

Most controversial President in Africa:

According to eddaz, even though some other sites might see him as third or fourth most controversial President. President Robert Mugabe is the most controversial in Africa because he loves to be heard, he’s funny and even though he’s not a fan of so many, I love many of his quotes and he’s such an interesting person. He has governed the republic of Zimbabwe as president since 1987. And here are some of his funny quotes according to AZ quotes:

sometimes you look back at girls you spent money on rather than send it to your mum and you realise witchcraft is real”

“We have said we will never collapse, never ever. We may have our draughts, our poverty but as people, we shall never collapse”

“I am an educationist. I am an economist. I am a politician. I am also now a good storyteller, you know?”

Most controversial people and topic

Most controversial person

According to forbes, the most controversial person is former US President George Bush because Wikipedia says he’s page has been revised 45,866 times as at the time this report was taken. I’m actually surprised he is more controversial than  former President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler.

Controversial Topic

One topic that has caused so much controversy world wide….We all know: President Trump’s Travel Ban. According to Washington Post, they have given reasons why the ban is not earning supports.

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