If I could rewrite the book of my life

Luck- If I Could Rewrite The Book Of My life

Is it luck that has gotten me this far?

Is it faith that happened?

Was the story of my life manipulated to be better or worse?

All that has happened in my life….Where they destined to be?

When I look at the path my life has taken, I have secretly wondered and pondered.

If I could have written down the story of how my life should be…What would It have been ?

If I had the will power to handle the book of life- what would I have inscribed in it?

Luck- if I could rewrite the book of my life

A better life?



Eternal life?


How would the universe had reacted?

If I had the pen in my hands to write down the story of how my life should be..

If I had the opportunity to change the story of my life…

Would I be happier?


At peace

Can I change the story of my life?

If we could all rewrite the book of our lives…What would it be?

11 thoughts on “Luck- If I Could Rewrite The Book Of My life”

  1. The story of life is an epic novel. The prilogue begins at conception. Chapter one begins the moment you’re born. The final chapter ends at death. The epilogue ends when the influence your life had fizzles out. The chapters in between are what you make them. Life is a book without pages and the writing is whatever mark your path leaves. You yourself are the pen. It can’t be pre written. It can only be written as you go along. It can’t be proofread or edited upon completion. There’s no synopsis and no blurb. You only get the one chance to write it and any mistakes along the way can’t be corrected so you’ve gotta make sure you get it as close to perfect as you can in order to write a bestseller.

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  2. Great contribution from you Paul as always😀 you analysed it perfectly well…The story of everyone’s life if they could be written into books and printed out would be so nice and then we could all know how everyone lived their life. Thanks so much for reading💝💞

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  3. I wish some people knew they could do that…It’s quite sad when I see people accept Whatever comes their way like they had no choice. Thanks for reading and commenting dear 💝💖

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  4. I don’t know.
    My life has been a best seller for a minute.
    With all my different personalities everyone stay in suspense even me.
    I couldn’t rewrite it if I tried.
    Plus people love an overcomer!

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