Love in the bottle

Love In The Bottle

Across the big blue ocean

Sailing away the heartbreaking turmoil

Looking desperately for answers

How many times must I run far away?

How far must I go in search?


I live love in the bottle

Set it in motion thousands of miles to you

To tell you I can’t live without you

How many times must I sit here and cry?


I sealed love in the bottle

So that when I die

My love will still exist

And there will be no more questions to ask….


9 thoughts on “Love In The Bottle”

  1. Loved it, sometimes real Love can come only once. How are you keeping, I rarely see anything from you these days. Take care, all the best, Anna.

    Hope you won’t mind me reblogging.

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  2. Thanks Anna. Really appreciate your concern. Funny enough just seeing this comment 😊 I think my comment section hanged while I was hanging too. Have a good day dear😘😘

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