How Do You Stay Away From A Friend

A friend is someone you trust and can rely on, someone to turn to when sad  and in need of support but what if this friend causes more harm than the friendship you desire.

This friend hasn’t been bad influnce on you but somehow induces conflicts of interests; biasing your choice without intentionally doing so and you feel strongly to stay away without making this friend feel bad or detecting anything.

How do you terminate such friendship without feeling guilty even when you believe strongly that’s the only way out to your happiness.

11 thoughts on “How Do You Stay Away From A Friend”

  1. A few years ago I started to slowly eliminate all negative things from my life. And that included friends. My life is so much richer and happier now. It is not easy to do. And you will feel guilt, but it can lead to better things. Be well my friend. I am certain you will do the right thing.


  2. Thanks dear. That’s a very positive one from you. It’s really a hard decision to take but the outcome of that decision was fulfilling. I appreciate your reading my post and commenting.

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  3. Going through the same thing. However, instead of terminating them entirely I put a gap in our connection. There are just some things we used to do that I don’t tolerate anymore; stopping them with a simple “no”. I have managed to keep my energy levels intact ever since. You should not feel guilty about doing what makes you happy 🙂

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