Love Yourself First

This is a very inspiring story posted by My Worth. You need to read it from the beginning to the end just like I couldn’t resist doing. Enjoy😉

My Worth

Happy Petrishko 

Wife and Mother of two


This is story of a woman who never seizes to amaze me. Recently I ran to her for help and the one thing I got out of the conversation we had was, “Honey you need to love yourself first”. I stopped in my tracks and thought to myself, this woman has been through hell and back, led a life that I can’t bring myself to imagine and yet she is the same woman who is standing before me telling me to “Love Myself First”. Many of us look at our circumstances, our past, our reality and think “my struggle is too real so I don’t deserve the best”. After reading Happy’s story, I want each one of you to reflect and conclude whether your challenge is greater than your Worth. Happy is the most confident and self-acknowledged person I know
.she recognizes her worth.

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Expert is Certainty

I am an expert of electricity.

My father occupied the chair of

Applied electricity at the state prison – W.C Fields

What does it take to qualify as an expert in a certain field of occupation? I have recently added to the side bar of my blog for anyone to send in their detailed questions regarding life and relationships.

I have recently been getting more questions on this topic which made me add it to that section. I also added to the heading that I am not a relationship expert. I am neither a psychologist but already about to start a course on that to formalise my ideas….😀😀

Feel free to make yourself anonymous should in case you don’t want anyone to know your identity, not even me!! I will only post the ones that are well detailed  which will require comments from my readers whom I always appreciate for their kind comments, shares, likes and follows. 💞💝

I will notify you through  my email once it’s up so that you may be able to pick one or two points to make use of from the comments;  which you can also send to:

Thank you.


Me Getting Inspired on Monday

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning and you felt like ‘what the hell am I going to do with my life today’? Trust me I’ve been there, still happens in some cases and it’s quite ridiculous. It could sometimes be as a result of energy getting sapped out of you and then you just want to crawl back into bed like a snail going back into its shell😀

I watched a movie yesterday ‘Sunday’ titled ‘The Little Prince’ I had previously read the review before selecting to watch it which I usually do, and it seemed to look nice. At the end of the movie which I watched for over 1 hour, I sat there for almost 30 minutes feeling sorry for myself and I told ‘me’ that I could have spent that quality time participating in the one word prompt than watching this sorry ass of a movie. That’s just how I could have described it, anyways what was I looking for? I thought animated movies are supposed to be for kids. However, I’m an adult but I still love watching them.


Back to Monday. On my way to work I remembered the ‘SAM’ which almost drowned my mood yesterday as I hadn’t recovered from it, and I decided to inspire myself with this music…I want to ask a question….What’s your source of inspiration? When you feel you are going down, your emotions are just totally messed up like you’ve been battered at the back of a car boot.

I have various sources of inspiration, it actually depends on my state of mind. Sometimes could be music, movies, don’t get me wrong, not like that mistake I made yesterday…or perhaps reading, driving around town, or just staring at an artwork and imagining things while doing that.

My source of inspiration on a Monday is my blog, reading other blogs and commenting or just listening to music. Inspire yourself on a Monday with something, don’t feel moody….






Mistakes to Success

I fell so many times;

When I look back considerably,

I realise that I have come so far from the past,

And my mistakes have made me a better person.

Peradventure I fall again, It surely was destined to occur,

so that I can rise up again, but of course modified than I was before.

Show me who has not made a mistake, and I will show you many prosperous

people who have made several blunders, that have brought them this far, and made

them climb the ladder of success. Learning from my ditches has shown me realities.

I see a young woman in myself who will go beyond achievements, and success………..

Things To Know About Online Dating

Gone are the days of meeting potential partners through friends, families or in the social environment. Online dating is now in the big picture and making real waves across the internet and on applications. Online dating is real and has come to stay! And Yes you can find love through this medium.

The requirements needed to go online dating is just by going to play store, type online dating and within seconds various applications that can be downloaded pops up. It can be found across different Niche. It encourages friends without borders; This dating system has helped several couples in meeting up, some ended in fairy tale stories while some ended disastrous, but isn’t that the same thing with people that actually met physically (Real World)? My opinion is that it’s a fifty fifty thing. It either ends well or doesn’t.

Dating online has made it a lot easier for workaholics to also have an opportunity to meet a lovely man or woman without having to sit at the bar or on the streets waiting for a good looking one to come along, you no longer need to wait forever to be hooked up by a friend or family.

You don’t have to worry about being shy or confident enough to approach anyone. The internet does that for you. Just by putting up your profile, two or three good looking pictures and optimistic wordings before you start sending out icebreakers. Otherwise you might not get as many positive responses.

A lot of people question the safety of dating online. Disadvantages of online dating which can be averted are as follows:

1. Use of fake pictures on the profile: What you need to do is to always search for the opposite sex with different pictures with same face on it. Once you see a profile with one picture, ‘ X’ it and move to another one until you find the one that meets your requirements.

2. They might not be who they say they are: Ask as many questions as possible, ask the same questions again, they will surely forget the lies they told at one point or the other but give space of time and days or weeks before you ask the questions again. Once you figure out that they are aren’t who they said they are, it’s easier for you to move on because you haven’t met them in the physical, just delete their profile and that’s it.

3. They try to exploit you: Be very patient in online dating, don’t rush into having emotional feelings for someone you haven’t met yet. Get to know the persons background and if possible contact someone that you know very well who might be close to his or her location so that they can do some findings on the person. Once they get used to chatting with you and start demanding for money. Pleeeaaasseeee RUN!!! That’s all I have to write about this point.

I recommend looking at online dating as a very sophisticated means of dating that introduces you to potential matches. After finding the one you like and is OK in all sphere, then please move offline and start with the next stage of falling in love, go to cinemas, party with friends and you won’t live to regret it.


How To Find Money

Making money is an essential part of life, and how to make it is the big deal. Posted by southern by design. Read and enjoy it😉

Southern By Design

“If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”~William Shatner

saving stI have always been thrifty. I can say that is in part to my mom who taught me young to shop yard sales, thrift stores and use coupons. Now, that does not mean we looked dumpy or didn’t have enough. In fact, most people wouldn’t have known that we did this type shopping, except my mom loved to brag that she, “only payed a quarter for this lovely top” that someone just complimented her on. But, I came to see this as a huge thing, why not brag that you saved money on something that another payed full price for? And, although the reason my mom was thrifty was because we had low income when I was young does not mean it is why you should save. Why spend your hard earned money when you don’t have to?

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Learning The Act of Love

Blossoming into the Eden

Taking you into paradise

Where you do not know

No full understanding

Expectations of the union

I will teach you

You will learn gradually

What tickles my heart

What your love does to me

How to turn it into fulfillment

I will teach you

Your eyes I adore

They speak into my heart

Love me they say

I will learn to fulfill your desires

 I will love you with my life.


Awards and Tags

I was nominated for some awards and tags which I would like to honor by appreciating the bloggers who nominated me.


2nd Liebster Award

I would love to thank Domestic Diva for nominating for the award, she blogs about parenting issues, book reviews and creative writing. Kindly visit her blog because its awesome.


I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

  1. I-read
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It’s an award given to bloggers by bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. You are not under any obligation to participate but accept it as an acknowledgement of your efforts. You bloggers rock.


2nd and 3rd Sunshine Bloggers Award

The sunshine blogger award

I would love to thank Faded rouge and Making time for me for the nominations. Faded rouge blogs about Photography, fashion, travel and food. it’s a lovely blog. kindly visit.

I would love to thank Making time for me for nominating me for the award. She shares various stories on her blog which are quite inspiring. Kindly visit her aewsome blog. You will love it.

Sunshine blogger award rules

I would love to nominate the following bloggers for their devotion, and contribution they have made to the blogging community. Everyone deserves an ward for their hard-work, and this is for all bloggers.

  1. Ednakimaniblog
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MakeitUltra Blogger Award


If you wish to accept the award. The rules are simple:

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The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers.

I would like to thank Daisy in the Willows for this award. Daisy you are great, an inspiration to me, there is never a dull moment with you on your blog. Words only can’t express how much you mean in the blogging community. Kindly check out her blog. It’s great.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers whom I know some are award free blogs, but I’m nominating them anyways because they are great bloggers and they make me want to blog some more:

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If you were born with a super power tag

This is a tag created by FarahEDZ. I was nominated by Zoe169. Thanks for nominating me Zoe. He’s an awesome blogger, please check out his blog.


All you have to do is say the creator. Nominator and which super power you would want and why. Kindly note that you are not under any obligation to participate. I think it’s fun.

I would choose the super power to heal so that I can free people of all types of sicknesses and diseases just by placing my hands on them so that no one would have to suffer from ill health.


  1. Daisy in the Willows
  2. Original-Dante
  3. Desi World of Thoughts
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