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Free Plane Ticket

It would be a real pleasure maybe if after posting this article someone hands me a free plane ticket to travel anywhere in the world..hahaha…I’m a joker, right, well who knows, perhaps I might get lucky. If anyone gave you a free ticket to any part of the world, where would you go?

As for me, I would go to my land of dreams which is Australia. According to Planetware, it’s the world’s smallest continent and largest island and has got some of the quirkiest wildlife on the planet. I’ve always heard one or two interesting things about this destination which is why I have a keen interest in exploring it. Some tourist attractions I would like to visit in Australia include:

Whitsunday Islands Australia

Blue Mountains National Park

Sydney Opera House

Kakadu National Park

Whitsunday Islands

Kakadu National Park

It’s amazing how beautiful the world is but full of so much hatred, thankfully we have such beautiful places to take us into another realm of love and restoring happiness in our hearts.

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Image Source: Pixabay