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Our Secret Place

Away from the prying eyes of everyone judging us

With you alone in the quietness of the night

The calm breeze blowing softly against your skin

In our secret place, I held you gently to my chest

Wishing you would never have to go.


In remembrance of those moments

The sensation of your heartbeat bonded us

In anticipation of our first kiss, my heart skipped

Here In our secret place, we made love for the first time

And I knew I would silence the dragons of trouble.


Image Credit: Pixabay



Lie Beneath in Awe

Awesome beauty, mighty wonder

Turbulently flowing freely in awe,

Lashing violently against the rocks,

Blue eyes sparkling in the sun rays,

With consumable power,

Drawing me nearer with force,

I walk further no more but to admire quietly,

The cooling breeze that whispers at night,

Calling out nature, asking for more.

I see not, I know not what lies beneath,

The secrets that lies untold.

That which will unfold in mightiness.

The mystery that has been buried for centuries,

Calling out to be free.

Remain a secret,

Behold your magnificent beauty in awe.