Me getting inspired on Monday

Me Getting Inspired on Monday

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning and you felt like ‘what the hell am I going to do with my life today’? Trust me I’ve been there, still happens in some cases and it’s quite ridiculous. It could sometimes be as a result of energy getting sapped out of you and then you just want to crawl back into bed like a snail going back into its shell😀

I watched a movie yesterday ‘Sunday’ titled ‘The Little Prince’ I had previously read the review before selecting to watch it which I usually do, and it seemed to look nice. At the end of the movie which I watched for over 1 hour, I sat there for almost 30 minutes feeling sorry for myself and I told ‘me’ that I could have spent that quality time participating in the one word prompt than watching this sorry ass of a movie. That’s just how I could have described it, anyways what was I looking for? I thought animated movies are supposed to be for kids. However, I’m an adult but I still love watching them.


Back to Monday. On my way to work I remembered the ‘SAM’ which almost drowned my mood yesterday as I hadn’t recovered from it, and I decided to inspire myself with this music…I want to ask a question….What’s your source of inspiration? When you feel you are going down, your emotions are just totally messed up like you’ve been battered at the back of a car boot.

I have various sources of inspiration, it actually depends on my state of mind. Sometimes could be music, movies, don’t get me wrong, not like that mistake I made yesterday…or perhaps reading, driving around town, or just staring at an artwork and imagining things while doing that.

My source of inspiration on a Monday is my blog, reading other blogs and commenting or just listening to music. Inspire yourself on a Monday with something, don’t feel moody….






19 thoughts on “Me Getting Inspired on Monday”

  1. Excellent thought process… ahh the Monday… find my focus… arrgggh

    Like you a lot is based on mood… Right now I have some major self talk going on… being my own cheerleader… There are some new things on my agenda this week, along with some other real life realities hanging over my head and I am attempting not to throw up, freak out, or put so much importance on them that I self sabotage . Give it to God and the Universe.. breath..

    Center, stay in the now….dang it… i told you to breath, K!!

    Love you too…

    Thank you for the wake up call, that I am not alone!

    Kind Regards and feeling thankful for you – K

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  2. Thanks so much for your contribution K. Its so good to know that bloggers are getting inspired this Monday. Its going to be a wonderful day and week ahead I believe. Have a great day. Xxxx


  3. I think a lot is attached to a Monday as though it’s a new beginning that most of us don’t want. Pretty much like when 31st December becomes 1st January and suddenly everything must change. I shed myself of that cliché a long time ago. Each day is what it is regardless of the label affixed to it. Live each day to the achievable maximum. Do what you want to do and don’t let opportunity slip you by.

    Great post and has certainly got my hungover mind in action 🙂

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