The smell of a baby

The Smell of a Baby

Have you noticed the feeling that sparks up when you embrace a new born baby to your bosom, phew..It’s a sensational one that tickles the brain and makes you want to gobble up the baby. I have cuddled babies in my arms several times, and I began to ponder on it why they smell so sweet even without application of any baby powder, baby oil or ointment. This is a natural phenomenon which I realised that scientists have been carrying out researches on for years.


You might have noticed the unresistant sniff you take when you lift a baby in your hands, the scent is one that makes you want to hold the baby tight in your arms and never let go, constant sniff of a baby by the mother or someone very close to the baby, brings out this unusual youthfulness and joy to the person.

The smell is so attractive that if it were possible to bottle up the smell and manufacture it into a cream or perfume, lots of people would have done so, unfortunately I don’t think anyone has done this, probably they’ve tried…get it right that it’s just the gift from God that comes along with the baby itself.


In Frontiers of Psychology, scientists carried out a research where two groups of 15 women were presented, one group had women that had given birth within six weeks and the other who had never had babies with the smell taken from the baby pajamas while scanning their brains.

Result showed that those that had never had babies responded positively to the smell-with odor familiarity, pleasantness and more, even though the babies weren’t theirs’, same with the mothers… their brains responded to the trigger of smell from the pajamas, but their was a distinct response from the mothers to the smell of their babies than to the smell of those that weren’t.

The researches concluded that the smell from babies can act as a catalyst for mechanism of bonding between the mother to infant and infant to mother.

The smell of babies is the best I have ever known, except if there’s one I’m not aware of yet😘😘


27 thoughts on “The Smell of a Baby”

  1. Honestly speaking you are very right, I wish I could walk in one of those babies homes so that the smell will remain permanent on me.

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  2. I love the smell of the babies.. My best friend delivered a baby girl just a month back and every time I hold that tiny angel, I feel like consuming her fragrance.. she is just delicious..

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