Sometimes Your Best Isn’t Going to Be Enough

Try harder to succeed, probably your best wasn’t good enough. This thought provoking post was posted by Dray. Read! Enjoy!

Dream Big, Dream Often

I have an opinion about life and success with which I know a lot of people disagree. I know this because every time I have stated my opinion I get countless emails telling me how wrong I am.

There are many levels to success-losing weight, making more money, being a better parent, becoming more organized, etc. My opinion is that those who do not succeed simply do not try hard enough. I can hear the roars now, but stop for a moment and think about your failures or shortcomings. Those things you truly desired you worked hard and reached your goal. Those things you didn’t achieve you had waning desire and did not work as hard. I have experienced it and so have you.

TRY-HARDERSo when I get emails from readers asking why they haven’t been able to achieve a certain goal I always ask them about their effort level…

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8 thoughts on “Sometimes Your Best Isn’t Going to Be Enough”

  1. The most frustrating part is when you put the energy in, but you discover that the path you’ve chosen isn’t receptive to that energy. That’s why when I get stuck on a song, I’m more willing to abandon it instead of putting more effort into it.

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