The warrior became daring

The Warrior Became Daring

It was a mission that looked so impossible to fulfill,

In the aftermath of the initial battle that was fought,

He could not raise his arms in warfare anymore.

He was the greatest warrior, had been, but will he always be?

The multitude stood before him, faces that looked like thunderstorm, raging with fire, children cried out to him, arms stretched out to help him to his feet. He was their only hope.

The women walked out naked, daring him to bestow upon them the freedom they desired. He stood up, intensified by the crowd urging him, nudging him, he struggled to get up, he fought, he conquered, he set them free.

He joined his lover with intensified heat, locked her up in his bruised arms, and kissed her.

Be daring to conquer

Be daring to live up to the challenge

Beย daringย to claim what’s your’s!


13 thoughts on “The Warrior Became Daring”

  1. Oh Rob. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. You don’t dare. This is in the face of a life battle. Don’t be tempted by those angry women’s boobs. Who knows what’s hiding in their.

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  2. Very nice post. We all have things that are rightfully ours but we need to claim them. Out disabilities, inhibitions and discouragements need to be changed to weapons to fight for what has always been ours.

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