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Your Ideal Partner

Destination unknown to reality

Taking me into the depths

of happiness hiding in the darkness.

When the wind drives you in a direction uncertain to you, you wonder why you keep moving along without control; you try as much as possible to fight it but end up in the same path and that’s when you realize that love can take you through different phases in life you least expect.

If you belong to the group of people that make a list of the ideal man or woman they prefer to date, trust me you will end up with no one for a long time. Hence if faith is on your side, you will meet your lover contrary to the list you made up and regardless of how much you remind yourself of your ideal partner, you will keep falling back into the hands of this person who you tag as the unideal lover. So relax and allow faith to take charge and when it happens, accept it and you will discover a better person for you than your ideal partner.

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Why Should Your Heart Be Arid

I have written 359 posts since I started blogging on WordPress over two years ago and one of them has somehow stuck to my heart, therefore is now one of my most favorite posts. So far, it’s one of the oldest which I would like to reblog, hence I might probably be reblogging a few of my old favorite blog posts once in a while just as a reminder and also for my new blogger friends to read.

Thank you and enjoy as you read…

When the heart is so arid, so much more that the desert feels better to plant the seed of love.

I wonder what goes through it… Turmoil, bitterness, envy, hatred…Can’t say the least.

Open the heart to love, generosity, kindness, then see how the face transforms into something beautiful that will attract good people, favor and lots more.

The arid heart is the ground that cannot harvest anything good but sadness and loneliness-eddaz.

Eyes Of An Avid Lover

Desire flows in streams of hot larva

Through the veins of an avid lover

Love so rare…So sweet…Waiting to unleash…

Have you met a person that loves so tremendously? You can’t compare it to that of the love between that of a mother and new born baby…It’s hot, desirerous, flammable…

Loving someone is good and to be loved back is awesome but an avid lover in as much as has the positive qualities not limited to loyalty, knightly, loverboy ,a go-getter also has it’s negative sides which in most cases outshines the good faith. Such qualities like jealousy, revengeful, obsession, and more…

Nerve judge a book by it’s cover….

So watch out for the eyes of an avid lover…



The Desires Of My Babyboy

One day you said to me

Be my girl

You said to me

Be my woman

Then you whispered into my ears

Be my lover

Baby boy I know the desires

That run through your heart

I would be whatever you want me to be

As long as you fulfill my fantasies

Treat me like a woman

Handle me with care




The Warrior Became Daring

It was a mission that looked so impossible to fulfill,

In the aftermath of the initial battle that was fought,

He could not raise his arms in warfare anymore.

He was the greatest warrior, had been, but will he always be?

The multitude stood before him, faces that looked like thunderstorm, raging with fire, children cried out to him, arms stretched out to help him to his feet. He was their only hope.

The women walked out naked, daring him to bestow upon them the freedom they desired. He stood up, intensified by the crowd urging him, nudging him, he struggled to get up, he fought, he conquered, he set them free.

He joined his lover with intensified heat, locked her up in his bruised arms, and kissed her.

Be daring to conquer

Be daring to live up to the challenge

Be daring to claim what’s your’s!


A Letter to my Lover

Hello My Lover,

What would it take for us to be together?

What would it take to have us in each others arms?

What would it take for me to stop having sleepless nights?

I’m writing this letter expressing my heartfelt emotions to you, my needs are becoming endless, my love for you has blossomed, I need you more than before. I want to claim what’s mine- I can no longer wait. The distance between us seem to enlarge everyday, It tears my heart apart to know that I can’t reach you, I can’t touch you, neither can I look into your eyes to see compassion...

I break down in tears everyday knowing you are too far from me, I wish to join you but I can’t, I want to hold you, I want to feel your heartbeat, I need to feel the chemistry. When I sleep at night, I feel the wind across the room, and I hear you whisper in the air, “I love you.”

Why can’t you come to me? I kneel and pray to God everyday to make me set my eyes on you… What is stopping you? I need you so much, my heart is weakening, my life makes no sense without you by my side. Where are you?

Oh my lover! I find it hard to breath now…I feel choked by your absence, I need to breath again, when has the air gotten tagged with a price, why has it suddenly gone scarce? The stars have stopped falling from the sky for me to make wishes anymore. I know not what went wrong. I can no longer wish for you to come…but to tell you to come.

What would it take for me to be your perfect woman? I am not perfect, I am not descent, I am not the most honorable woman but what matters most is that, I AM YOUR PERFECT WOMAN! I was made and prepared for you!

Dear lover, what would it take for me to be the world that revolves around you, would it make you come to me? I would be your whore in bed, I would be that career woman you you’ve always admired, I would become that chef you want, I would become your super woman, I would sing into your heart until you are at peace, I would stroke you so passionately you would never turn your back on me….eddaz

My Love, in my heart, I do read your letters. I have kept them safely where no one can ever reach them, they are the only comfort I have right now, I hug them every night so that I can sleep in peace…It’s time for you to come home to me, home is where the heart is they say, this is where your heart is. I have prepared a bouquet with the best of the best fragrance for you, your arrival is long awaited, everything is set, I am on fire for you, I am set for you —PLEASE COME HOME.