Lovingly Wrapped in comfort

Lovingly Wrapped In Comfort

In the comfort of our own world, we flourish, get wrapped up lovingly so as to be free from the discomfort raging around. Eventually we come out of it and find ourselves back in the harsh realities of life. I have asked myself a couple of times why I have to bend to the heat waves that hit hard at me and inclusive of we humans.

Why can’t I just stand upright at all times when life gets very tough…Yes I do stand firm but I mean ” stand firm at all times like a robot” regardless of how tough the issues are.

I believe I’m not the only one in this situation, so many people are out there asking….Waiting… Wondering…Saying to themselves” I need to be stronger but how? God helps us but we also need to make way for the help to come through.

How do we stand lovingly firm at all times regardless of the tough situations that arises in life?

20 thoughts on “Lovingly Wrapped In Comfort”

  1. I think without the trembles and bends our strength would be stable. There’d be no room for growth and learning.
    Your stance is getting firmer and stronger with each tough heat wave that passes. I say stay open and accepting to the challenges.

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  2. My pleasure. ๐Ÿ’•
    Thanks for sharing, I hope you’ll enjoy the imperfections and challenges of being human. It’s way more fun than becoming a perfectly programmed robot. โ˜บ๏ธ


  3. I concur with clumsyandsilly. I think it’s the hard times in life that really define the people we become and make us more resilient. Without those times I think a person’s life expectancy would be massively reduced. It’s good to contemplate these things. There’s very few things worse than ignorance

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  4. Like a few already mentioned, we cannot grow without change or struggle. The hard times truly are what makes us more resilient for whatever life decides throw at us next, we are stronger to get through. Being imperfect in how we get through is just part of being human, as we are all imperfect no matter how hard we try. Definitely an interesting thought process.

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  5. I also wish for the ability to stand tall like a robot. We are human; we have to accept our limitations and acknowledge that we are frail until we learn to fully depend on God. We don’t have to stand tall, we can crumble and pray because we know we have a great God who stands tall whenever our legs fail us. Falling and stumbling helps define our character. As we suffer we discover the value of what we hold dear. We also have the opportunity to choose whether something beautiful grow from our pain to glorify God, or whether we will let the pain take a piece our heart with it. Give yourself credit for the things you’ve overcome & pray for strength to stand a little taller with every step you take. Practice makes perfect, maybe not today- but you can try again tomorrow. There are certain things we cannot prepare for but we can look within ourselves and analyze our sin- what’s our weakness and work on that. Slowly but surely! Have a great one ๐Ÿ˜€

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