In the comfort of our own world, we flourish, get wrapped up lovingly so as to be free from the discomfort raging around. Eventually we come out of it and find ourselves back in the harsh realities of life. I have asked myself a couple of times why I have to bend to the heat waves that hit hard at me and inclusive of we humans.

Why can’t I just stand upright at all times when life gets very tough…Yes I do stand firm but I mean ” stand firm at all times like a robot” regardless of how tough the issues are.

I believe I’m not the only one in this situation, so many people are out there asking….Waiting… Wondering…Saying to themselves” I need to be stronger but how? God helps us but we also need to make way for the help to come through.

How do we stand lovingly firm at all times regardless of the tough situations that arises in life?