A surprising experience on wordpress

A Surprising Experience On WordPress

I believe you guys might have noticed I was away for almost a year without blogging on WordPress, I actually went away and eloped, therefore I couldn’t get anything down and since getting back I noticed it’s a whole new surprising experience for me, time changes everything.

Of all my experiences I noticed one thing in particular which got me biased…people are reading less and apparently writing less. Or maybe WordPress is missing something. We all blog for several reasons on the various platforms of the internet as long as we find joy in whatever we do, I am in no position to tell anyone what to blog about or how to go about doing it and of course no one is other than yourself  but I’m just perplexed.

I’ve had my blog for over two years and it’s my joy, it has led me on a discovery path I never knew existed. I want to use this opportunity to thank my followers, my lovelies reading, liking and commenting on my posts, I also thank those following me only because they want me to follow them back.

Happy Blogging. Xoxo




20 thoughts on “A Surprising Experience On WordPress”

  1. Much has changed, for you, delightfully so. Congratulations. W/o did away with three pro mpt. I’m not seeing as many people either. I’m off the same mind. Are ppl writing less or have they disappeared of of our feed. I knows Marilyn serendipity was kicked off. She didn’t fit the demographics they were looking for. Maybe there are others.

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  2. Thanks a lot Covert, truly much has changed for me and I appreciate your kind words. Doing away with three prompts is a lot, I’ve really been away for long. WordPress obviously need to do something about the prompt and other things, I mean obviously they have missed it somehow and maybe they don’t realise it. Have a wonderful weekend dear.

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  3. I didn’t leave, but have definitely noticed a lot of the people in my blogging circle a year ago have left. And then they got rid of the daily word prompt so lost that avenue to connect with possible new bloggers. It’s weird! I felt like I had to start all over and make new blog friends!

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  4. You too. The getting rid of the daily prompt was $$ associated. They want to set up something like FB and Instagram. Problem is, most of the ppl here are serious writers, not instagrammers as most teens are. It’s a market I doubt they can break into. But they lost a lot in destroying something that was so beneficial to so many 250k ppl read the daily post even though 300 or so wrote, that’s a sizeable market and nothing to sneeze at if you ask me, all on a gamble they could set something up like instagram. lol They lost 1000 ppl, in error and are having trouble reconnecting from what I hear. so that’s it the long and short of it, lol Take care.

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  5. It’s so unfortunate loosing so many bloggers and not being able to connect with new bloggers. I see reason why it feels uncomfortable, hopefully things will turn back to the right direction soon and have a great weekend Robyn😊

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  6. I really can’t imagine WordPress setting up something like FB and Instagram.This is something I can’t even imagine happening😀 thanks so much for the valuable information, so much appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend 💝

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  7. I think you have a right to express yourself. Welcome back and looking forward to ted more great posts from you.

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  8. I don’t know about less numbers blogging, the uptake of WP, Joomla and the like is still huge. If you want to get followers it’s not difficult. Those bloggers out there who request payment for your link on their site will get you followers today, but keeping them is an issue if you don’t pamper, praise and generally tell them how special they are.

    People tend to follow purely to encourage followers on their site not because they like the content they are following. Watch how many people like one or two posts, follow, then never like another post. The daily prompt helped create people only interested in following for the sake of their own follower numbers.

    People today tend to like without reading (the WP reader makes this habit too easy). Be it because they are too busy or because they hope their like means enough for you to like them.

    Also too many people only see the comments section as a place to praise and pamper, while on the other side too many bloggers can’t take criticism for poorly written material, or even little mistakes, when someone does take the time to offer advice. They then take their bat and ball (along with a poor excuse) and run away with their tail between their legs.

    I don’t really see it as blogging changing, more than people are becoming more and more predictable and self centred just as they are on the social media platforms.

    At the end of the day it all comes down to “He who dies with the most followers wins!”

    I’ll never die a winner!

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  9. This caught my attention where you said people tend to like without reading which is exactly the first thing that caught my attention, I’m not much of a person checking statistics but I did anyway for certain reasons and I noticed i had way more likes than people actually reading most of my posts, also noticed lesser number of bloggers writing unlike before, it’s not about looking for followers or likes but having that feeling of togetherness and presence gives a good feeling of support psychologically but it’s all good, these are just observations worth sharing and getting answers to, it gives me a better understanding of things going on around me. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing with me💕

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  10. Looking at most blogs the average of likes compared to followers on any given post is often less than 10%, as high as 20% on some of the less followed sites. But look at those sites who claim to be popular with over 10,000 followers and they barely get a 5% like to follow rate. Commenting is even lower. That alone indicates that anyone who blogs for likes and follows is fighting an up hill battle.

    There is no right and wrong, people can blog for whatever reasons they like and they can live off only praise if it suits them to live in a bubble. The same as those who like without reading, if it suits them that’s fine, but one day they will realise people are doing exactly the same to them and their own figures mean very little.

    After being in the web business for 25 years knowing and understanding trends for me is important and in all honestly blogging, be it WP, Joomla or any of the other platforms are predictably preforming like FB, Twitter and other social media. Numbers are up, users up up, but users are lazy, they will do the least they can for the maximum feel good.

    For me I don’t write or post for anyone but myself. If people read it good, if not I don’t loose any sleep and I certainly wont go looking for followers just to see the like numbers increase. I like myself enough for everyone!

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  11. Yes that’s a very good point I live on which is to do what I do as long as I find joy in it but note one thing is that it’s important people read what you post even if not everyone…it’s just life, we are humans and we want one or two people to feel a little bit of what is in our head which we have put into writing. Writing makes me take things off my mind, I’m hyper and writing calms me down, my brain is usually overly active and writing helps get my imagination s and creativity out but I love people to read which I do on lots of blogs and alternatively learn from them but not everyone is that way because we were built differently so I really don’t like to judge people’s actions, I can only express my opinions if i feel like. I appreciate the fact that we still have some readers and not only writers else what’s the use of God’s given gift.

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  12. If I wrote for other people they’d have me condemned. At least if I say all my stories are fiction people think I’m making it all up 🙂

    I do seem to be in a minority when it comes to criticism though. I’d rather people tell me my mistakes more than I prefer praise. As long as when people tell me I suck they give a reason I’ll listen, because I know I’m not perfect. But don’t offer a reason and I tend to ignore the person.

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  13. 😀😀 i dont think you would have been condemned. I read some of your posts and never seen any reason to condemn you but when I find one maybe i will 😁 and give you a reason. The most important thing from my own perspective is to have fun while writing.

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