Giving You The Best That I Got

I watched #BETAwards last night and I was impressed at  how Jamie Foxx put together some of Anita Baker’s songs. One of the lyrics he emphasized on was ‘giving you the best that I got’ and the question I want to ask is are you giving the best that you got in whatever situation you’ve found yourself?


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Giving your best all that you got realistically doesn’t have to do with just a person but also situations surrounding you that need great attention. For instance, you have an exam to write and you got to make good grades otherwise you will be a step backwards from your objective, in that case you got to give it the best that you got. Another case where you need to feed your family, provide shelter, put clothes on your back, what must you do? You got to give it the best that you got…meaning ‘increase your hustle.’

You want your partner to devote his or her heart to you, then you got to give that relationship the best that you got. You’ve got to be strong in life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I cry out

I’m dried out

I’m getting out

Can’t go on no more…

Hey stop!!!

You got to give it the best that you got.

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8 thoughts on “Giving You The Best That I Got”

  1. It’s funny how we give up too easily when challenges arises but I love your post and the power it radiates. I try my best to give it all that I have in life:-) Thanks eddaz.

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  2. City thanks a lot for your kind words, I appreciate you reading and feeling the power my post radiates. That’s just all we can do ‘ giving it the best that we got’ 😊 thanks for the reblog too❤

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  3. Winnie I’m happy to know it serves as a reminder, really appreciate your kindness. I don’t know why your comment has been in my spam folder, I have to check my settings and find out why three of your comments ended up there. I’m happy to know you have fun reading my posts😊


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