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Giving You The Best That I Got

I watched #BETAwards last night and I was impressed at  how Jamie Foxx put together some of Anita Baker’s songs. One of the lyrics he emphasized on was ‘giving you the best that I got’ and the question I want to ask is are you giving the best that you got in whatever situation you’ve found yourself?


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Giving your best all that you got realistically doesn’t have to do with just a person but also situations surrounding you that need great attention. For instance, you have an exam to write and you got to make good grades otherwise you will be a step backwards from your objective, in that case you got to give it the best that you got. Another case where you need to feed your family, provide shelter, put clothes on your back, what must you do? You got to give it the best that you got…meaning ‘increase your hustle.’

You want your partner to devote his or her heart to you, then you got to give that relationship the best that you got. You’ve got to be strong in life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I cry out

I’m dried out

I’m getting out

Can’t go on no more…

Hey stop!!!

You got to give it the best that you got.

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Criticize The Best Out Of Me

There are people out there to praise you just as their are those to criticize you. Our heart must always be open to accept praises just as it accepts criticism. What we ought to do is to hold it in our hands, access it because sometimes the criticism helps bring the best out of us.


Accepting praises all the time without also accessing it is dangerous as it can get into our heads especially when we have confused praises with flattery just for what can be obtained from us. We have to pay attention to be able to identify critics that are out there to make or bring us down.

Criticize the best out of me

What I say to critics is to ‘bring it on’, I’m fully open to critics just as am fully open to accessing them and criticizing them critics too😀😀

To be sincere with you there are times I pretend to ignore critics but sometimes deep down in my heart I know they are telling the truth…Though not all of them but I have been able to identify those that are saying the fact and I sit myself down to adjust things. It has paid off so much..

Criticize the best out of me

One thing deep critics, I mean those that have taken it as a profession don’t know is that when they take one step in criticizing someone, the person takes two steps forward in being a better person while they take three steps back in fooling themselves and remaining stagnant…