Something Went Wrong…

It’s unbelievable today is Friday, everything I did yesterday “Wednesday” was supposed to be done today “Thursday” This week has been dramatic for me. Somehow I  mixed up the days and got it all f… ing wrong.

How did I discover? I was writing a post and struggling to schedule for publishing, then I realized my mistake…ouch…I checked my calenders on the laptop, iPad and everything I could lay my hands on and I’m trying to figure out what went amiss, like the way it happens in the movies where you wake up on another planet or in the future.

Obviously, I haven’t been using the calendar nor paying attention; I have been applying dates without knowing which day it is.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Because it really got me worried. I’m trying to figure out what took place at each time of the week…

13 thoughts on “Something Went Wrong…”

  1. Hahahaha.. This used to happen with me when I was in school – Wishing the weekdays to be shorter and weekends to be longer! 😉 😛

    Glad that you are back on track!✌️😃❤

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  2. I lose my days a lot, but I’m the reverse to you. I tend to think more about what day in the week it is and forget the date. That said, I’ll still often think it’s, for example, a Thursday when it’s actually a Tuesday. I hate that feeling of disorientation.

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