Life Of A Poet

The life of a poet,

changing the lives of people,

inspiring us on our journey

through the words he breathes.

Written or spoken,

capturing a vessel that needs filling.

The life of a poet

In the element of his writings,

to share the knowledge gifted from above,

to empower, and give voice to the voiceless,

to encourage the hopeless,

create a melody for the lost one,

and enlighten the faded rogue.

Sharing the love of the lyrics from within.

In return to the poet is the powerful gift of clairvoyance knowing that somewhere a soul was lifted on the channel of climax.

Image Credit: Pixabay

32 thoughts on “Life Of A Poet”

  1. A poet’s life is all about sharing the rhythm in their minds in word form and praying those words and that rhythm resonate with those who read. A true poet’s pleasure comes from the ways in which others feel in response to what they write or say.

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  2. “to encourage the hopeless”, I am really happy that someone does believe that we, poets are not “just” the ones, being melancholic about relationships.

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  3. Thanks a lot Myth 😉 I’m alright and I really do appreciate you getting in touch. Just will be away for some time to get things in order and will surely post soon. I miss blogging and reading your blog too😊❤️. Have a lovely week💖

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  4. Hey there eddaz! Hi! Good to hear that you alright! Thank you for dropping a line.☺ You may need an aspirin before and after reading my nonsense! Brave the depths of the unknown I say.😀

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