Scribbles- My Old Thought

Work, work, work,

knock, knock, knock,

toiling will not stop knocking

even though I closed the door to scribbles

It will never stop knocking.

I stopped breathing

the day scribbles stopped knocking;


Security doesn’t cease,

love I will follow,

Food on my table,

Clothes cover my nudity,

Self-actualization cometh but I wasn’t satisfied.

The height that I reached and

scribbles got me to the highest triangle,

Scribbles! Scribbles! Scribbles.

I don’t know what to call this neither can I remember why I wrote it which was about 15 years ago and somehow found it in my collection. It reminds me of how I used to think back in those days😀😏…always wanted to scribble something down.


I used to have a book for poems which got burnt when I was in the University and then I stopped writing for a very long time because I felt exhausted from the sad fire incident that took all my properties except me but I’m way over that now…thank God🥰😋

Have fun lovely people😚😉🤪

Image Credit: pixabay

32 thoughts on “Scribbles- My Old Thought”

  1. You’re most welcome and thank you too I’m so happy you had a relaxing weekend mine was good thank you you’re so wonderful for asking.☺️❤️

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  2. I can relate to the scribbling. The only difference is I burnt my diary because someone read it. I know when my things are moved. 😁 I was so embarrassed so I had to burn it.

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  3. Yes Winnie, it’s way past my bedtine. I find it hard going to bed early this days and especially the fact that tomorrow’s holiday☺️. Thanks for caring Winnie.

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  5. Thanks Paul. Please do go ahead and do same☺ its a good feeling to find some of this old stuff to reflect on. Enjoy your weekend ❤


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