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Lost In The Crowd

Gazing into the distance in seclusion

Where thorns are amongst the grains

Standing in the place ought not to be

Lost in the crowd

The path to freedom dimmed by eclipse

Fading In isolation to the unknown

Lost in the mind

Seeking my path to revelation

Eradicate the gloom blinding the truth

To be amongst the living but not the dead

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Living Or Simpy Existing

Drifting in the air

No substantial value attached

Aimless in existence

Seeking to live

Living to seek

Which is it?

Are we living or simply existing?  when you wake up almost every day of your life in the morning with no status quo, engulfed with the feeling of dread and hopelessness, doing the same boring shit every day that is displeasing or demotivating, lacking excitement, then that’s it…you are simply existing and filling space.

When you wake up full of hope, agility, optimisim knowing fully well you ain’t got no space in your heart for failure, with a clear conviction that when you fall you will surely rise again…you are definitely living.

There ain’t nothing as fulfilling as living.

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If Living Is Without You

If living is without you

Would the bells of joy remain?

Would the beauty of life manifest in me?

Would I be fulfilled deep within?

Would anyone else be able to touch the strings in me?

Who can heal me of the turmoil in my heart?

He has asked this question several times, “can I live without you?”

And I have answered him without hesitation, “you can live without me but with me close to your heart”

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You have a choice to make….

Indecisions only draw us back from taking what belongs to us, there will come a day when the one we believe is the one for us will decide to take another path because we are still waiting to be sure if he or she is the one….-eddaz