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If Living Is Without You

If living is without you

Would the bells of joy remain?

Would the beauty of life manifest in me?

Would I be fulfilled deep within?

Would anyone else be able to touch the strings in me?

Who can heal me of the turmoil in my heart?

He has asked this question several times, “can I live without you?”

And I have answered him without hesitation, “you can live without me but with me close to your heart”

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You have a choice to make….

Indecisions only draw us back from taking what belongs to us, there will come a day when the one we believe is the one for us will decide to take another path because we are still waiting to be sure if he or she is the one….-eddaz


What Would You Do With Chaos Love

Do you know what it feels like when love goes chaos? Hmm. I bet you will never love the same way again OR you will rather not love anymore. Love feels good, it’s right, it’s bound to happen but what’s the significance of it when it leads to destruction, confusion and then hatred. Then you say to yourself, perhaps I shouldn’t have threaded on that ground.

What will you do with chaos loveHowever bizarre love turns, how you handle it is paramount. What do you do with love that starts to turn bitter from sweet? Why is it swinging to the wrong side? When did it start to go paranoid? Where did it go unethical? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you want to turn your bitter love around or better still walk away. Thankfully we have choices to be made.

You want to try this steps to make your love sweet again?

  • Start learning to appreciate your partner in terms of efforts in career, finances and care for family.
  • Acknowledge the fact that your partner needs time to be alone sometimes, maybe to have fun with friends, go on trips alone to recover from work stress or time to regain balance in life.
  • Revitalize the love that once existed by changing your wardrobe, wear more sexy clothes, act more like a lioness in bed, be seductive and touch him once in a while in his sensitive parts.
  • Surprise her with gifts, invite her out for occasions or dinner.
  • Say nice things to your partner, try as much as possible to make eye contacts with her. Remember you have a choice. Make a good one.

Would you walk away from love that turned bitter OR would you stay back to make it desirous once more and sweeter than before?

Happy Thanksgiving…♥♥♥

Fairy Tales Love Stories

Choosing your life partner can sometimes be so tough. When you love someone, you love the whole person, the family and everything that makes that person. When you decide to share your love with a crazy person, you must know that their will be moments that you have to be crazy too, being in love with a sweet person makes everything mouth watering, loving a temperamental person requires a lot of patience.

Regardless of whom you swipe right or left with in the journey of love, make sure you hold onto each other because when the storm comes, it’s either you survive it together or you get carried away by it-Choose your love, Love your Choice. Love is based on commitment, everything you do is to appease, satisfy, help and serve the one you love.

I have a few fairy tale love success stories that I would like to share with my friends out there:

Britney and Daniel

Britney met Daniel when she was in the university and he was a banker, he stayed on the same street where Britney’s parents lived, once in while Daniel would walk over to Britney’s mother’s groceries shop close to the house to buy some groceries and he would stay back to have a chat with her mum until one day Britney got back from school after 3 hours journey and was very tired. Daniel stared at her in disbelief at how beautiful she looked and that was how the journey started, Daniel increased the number of times he bought groceries from the store until he finally met Britney alone in the store. Although Daniel didn’t seem right for her at first and she tried to avoid him a couple of times, but he never gave up on her. He would look for ways to get her alone in the store or down the street to chat with her and make her smile.

One day luckily for him he got her number, called her up a couple of times and started to visit her in school. Daniel waited 5 years for Britney to graduate from University and he finally he proposed, they are together and happy now. It was indeed tough for Daniel during the five years of waiting, but he kept on hard believing in the love he hard for her, Tina loved him more than ever because of his compelling nature, words that came out of him set him aside which thrilled her.

Elvin and Landen

Landen is 69 years now while Elvin is 60 years. I was opportuned to get this story from Elvin who spoke to me excitedly about how she met her husband years back. Dating back to about 35 years, Elvin and Landen met at a a friends party where they got introduced to each other by the celebrant, one thing led to the other and they started to date but a few months after, Elvin realised that Landen was too head strong and temperamental which kind off pissed her off.

Landen had to travel out of the country for 2 years after they got separated. When Landen got back from his trip, he perceived that he couldn’t let Elvin go because he was much too in love with her already and felt her happiness was much more important for him, Elvin accepted him back into her life because she also discovered one thing– her life was too BORING without him, they both knew they had to keep their love for each other to be able to feel the sun from both sides. Even though they have passed through storms in their marriage now, they are still crazily in love with each other with 4 kids that have grown into adults and 5 grandchildren.

Natasha and Zuriel

They were actually working in the same company, Zuriel was an expatriate from United Kingdom and Natasha was working in a construction company in South Africa. Natasha was transferred from one of the company branches to the headquarters where Zuriel was working. She was the facilities manager of the staff quarters management apartments where Zuriel was staying.

I love this story most especially and you will see the reason why. Zuriel took notice of her one morning while she moved around doing her business-her job. She never knew that while he was off work or about to live for the office in the morning, he would move around the compound several times just to see her and admire her, she would just walk by him and say her greetings politely which was what was expected of her.

One day Zuriel was off duty and sat down close to the pool side where she was inspecting the facilities. She looked up and met his eyes on her, she looked away quickly and tried to avoid his gaze. She walked past him without greeting him this time. Second day Zuriel called in sick at work, sat at his usual spot at the lounge, a couple of times he would look at her and smile, she would smile back, this kept on for a while until he asked her out for dinner. Nathasha eventually got a job at another company and they started a proper relationship, their love for each other grew stronger.

Zuriel decided to stay back in South Africa where they got married and her happy together with 2 kids.


“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes”-H.Jackson Brown, Jr