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I Sing Praises To My Baby

My cow dry as the desert

wont produce milk from the mammary glands

stares sadly staight into my eyes

mamma, I’m dry, I’m sorry

she tells me persistently

I worry for my baby, shame all over her

I think to myself in the power

of praise, shall their be life

I walk to cattle, talk into her ears

look into her eyeballs, rub her ears

everyday, pamper, cuddle her

feed her with the best green leafs

remind her of her beauty

her importance in my life

In my home, to my health

she sees the love in my eyes

It triggers sensitivity in her soul

chemistry of stimuli start to apply

in her body,

she starts to secret milk

gradually, slowly, with

increasing pressure everyday

my cow gets it constantly, in all vitality

never ceasing, for continuous growth

Power of productivity lies in the praise.