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I Sing Praises To My Baby

My cow dry as the desert

wont produce milk from the mammary glands

stares sadly staight into my eyes

mamma, I’m dry, I’m sorry

she tells me persistently

I worry for my baby, shame all over her

I think to myself in the power

of praise, shall their be life

I walk to cattle, talk into her ears

look into her eyeballs, rub her ears

everyday, pamper, cuddle her

feed her with the best green leafs

remind her of her beauty

her importance in my life

In my home, to my health

she sees the love in my eyes

It triggers sensitivity in her soul

chemistry of stimuli start to apply

in her body,

she starts to secret milk

gradually, slowly, with

increasing pressure everyday

my cow gets it constantly, in all vitality

never ceasing, for continuous growth

Power of productivity lies in the praise.

I have always wanted to be the best

Mrs Ziglar didn’t have the money to buy a lot of high quality feed for her animals, which is what most dairy farmers do to increase milk production. Then, every single day, as she went out in the early morning to milk them, she would stroke each cow, and praise, and compliment them. She would shower each of her five cows with positive words and affirmations, she would tell them they were the most beautiful, wonderful cows in the world. She said they had an abundance of milk so rich and creamy that all other cows would be envious. Everyday, without fail, these cows would be loved, stroked, and told how incredible they were. The cows gradually began to produce more and more milk. As time passed, some of the cows on the ziglar family farm increased milk, As time passed, some of the cows on the Ziglar family farm increased milk production significantly from a few gallons a day to as much as 7 gallons of milk in a single day.

During the early hours of the morning before anyone else is up, close your eyes ans visualize your future self as though you have already achieved whatever goal it is you are trying to accomplish. Get That picture in your mind of the person you wish to become, and daily reaffirm to yourself that you are that person, as if it were a reality today. When a negative thought enters your mind, flush it out quickly. Do not allow negative thoughts to poison your powerful mind. Do whatever you have to do to rid yourself of those toxic thoughts, whether it be to remove yourself from a negative environment, turn on some uplifting music, read some articles on this site (Hint, Hint), exercise, say a prayer, or call your mom. Whatever method works for you, harbor the positive thoughts and eliminate the negative ones as quickly as possible can.

Abundance Project.