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What Are Your Monday Expectations

I learned that the secret to happiness in life is low expectations, luckily for me, I realized this important thing at a young age, and this has stayed with me all through the years. I have faith in God, I believe in myself, but I never expect too much from a situation, people or objects which has led me to appreciate them more.

Nevertheless, I make plans, sometimes they work out as planned and other times, they turn out the other way. Monday has always been the same for me like other days except for Saturday and Sunday. Henceforth I need a plan for Mondays because I’ve realized I always have too much to deal with on that day. Set of rules for me only, goes thus:

-Wake up early with positivity

-Give thanks to God

-walk or run

-Set the target

-Set reminders

-Measure achievements at the end of the day.

This is actually a summarized form of Monday activity for myself.  Remember it’s Monday, stay motivated, talk to someone, believe in yourself!

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Image Credit: Pixabay

The Perfect Saturday

Last night I watched a movie titled “300” which I believe almost everyone has seen already, but if you haven’t watched it yet, then it’s never too late to do just that. It was originally released in 2007.


In the movie, Sparta’s King Leonidas (Gerald Butler) and his warriors fought to their death against King Xerxes Persian army, actually what I found so extraordinary about the movie was the strength and courage the 300 radiated. The first time I watched the movie, I instantly developed a crush on the main actor…ouch…the thought alone of his deep voice back then caused rhythms in my brain.


This outstanding, emotional movie, therefore, inspired a thought in me on how to spend a perfect Saturday, hence, I have to consider the fact that I’m going to be spending a greater part of the day alone but definitely doing what I love most…watching movies…yay! with a cup of Ice Cream to keep the movie effect flowing in the right direction.

So have yourself a Beautiful Saturday. Love you all.

Image Credit: Pixabay & Google Image