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Holding back….

This heart warming poem written by Lyjrj made me feel some tentacles pinging in my skin. Love activates emotions in our heart that we really can’t explain Enjoy!



Holding back.

Every single day I’m holding back all that I wonder, all that I ponder, holding all the things that I long to say. And now I know why, the reason, I was scared to drive your love away. You come and go, and for me it is always a pleasure to open wide all my doors when you come to visit even if it’s just for a minute.

It’s just you see you drive me to madness with lively pleasures. You obligate my mind to think, to feel, to love. I lose complete and all self control. And everyday its a new beginning it’s as tho I’m meeting you again for the first time every time. You cause me to tremble with argumentation . And unless you have felt true love in the manner that I do, I can honestly say you would never understand why it is…

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