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Uneven-Thunderous loving Emotions

Rolling around in the midst of lightening.

My love for you beats thunderously on the walls

Of my chest in an uneven rythm. Everyone falls in love sometimes.

I have submitted wholeheartedly, I have gotten to my destination, the place I want to be.


Where I want to lay; in your arms, on your Bossom. Here I will love you, never to let go but to care for you, father our kids untill death do us apart.

I promise within my power to be yours in all conditions.

Your partner in heaven and on earth.

We shall make things work out, regardless of the raging storms yet to come.

They will not part us, they shall not hurt us, they can’t seperate us.

Because my love for you is not a sweet aroma that will fade away but a permanent mark in your life that can’t be washed away nor wither- Eddaz