Things i wont do for love

The Things I Won’t Do For Love

Love breaks barriers

Love accepts my flaws

Love conquers all

Love is carefree

Amour regarde au-delà nuages de doute.

Everyone wants to know what love feels like, the power of that rocket feeling that burns in the heart and swirls your brain is so unpredictable when it gets deep- Deep as in what sense? Love makes us do things we ordinarily wouldn’t do. I believe you must have heard this saying many times,”Love is for fools.” No it isn’t, it only makes us act like fools.

I will do anything for love but I won’t do some certain things…like what? Find out things you shouldn’t do for love.

Never get a tattoo for love

Why would I draw a tattoo on my body just because I’m in love with my partner? What if, when I meet someone else I love as much too, I would put the permanent ink as well,? Until there’s no more blank space left on my skin, and then the whole world gets to know how many people I have dated and fallen in love with.


Signing a deed of sex slave

I’m in love with my partner, he takes care of me, I take care of him, we enjoy each others company. That doesn’t have to result to pleasing him sexually all the time when I don’t want to, no partner should take up the act of ‘sex slaving’


Transforming into a masquerade

Side effects of carefree love is that, it makes you want to over please your partner. Women try to look prettier, overdoing it will make us have too many colors on the face from the make up we use. Remember also ‘Love is patient,’ if your partner loves you for real, he would love your naturalism without you having to turn into a masquerade.


Run out of Town

Love sometimes gets into the system to an extent that one decides to run away from family and friends, ‘love is patient and understanding,’ if you want to be alone with your partner, absconding with him or her won’t solve a thing. It will only complicate your chances of being together for real.


Character assassination

Your partner loves to party, watch football games, blah.. blah.. blah.. Come on, you also want to do the same things, when all your life is about watching movies, reading books, going to the zoo… Compromise, let their be a blend, enjoy each other’s company.

character assassination

Go on a diet

Hell no, babes, guys. I’m fat for real, love me, lick me, until you want more. Don’t go on a diet for no one, unless you want to, but not because anyone insists that you do so or because you want to look better. Remember beauty is a thing of the mind.





18 thoughts on “The Things I Won’t Do For Love”

  1. I have been enlightened hahaha, I am currently in love, but I feel I would do none of the above, I agree with this insightful page, for a minute i was like dam I would do anything for love after reading I became instinctively aware that I felt the same way , LOL! Ty for sharing

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  2. Lol. Nice. I wouldn’t do these things either. I can think of a few more things as well. Like not kill for love, not jazz/charm for love, not denounce my family for love

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