Ghost that I run from

Ghost That I Run From

I slept in bed like a baby, lights off, the room was pitch dark, suddenly I felt a light breeze crawl across my skin and then a human touch on my duvet. I tasted fear on my tongue which was traumatically bitter, and I knew I was been hunted by a ghost. My eyes were tightly shut, I couldn’t open them because of revelation of what would unfold; too scared of the picture I painted in my head!

Guess what? I watched a paranormal movie before I went to bed, and unfortunately for me, the image of the activities in the movie stuck in my head.

I believe ghosts are images we create ourselves, that means we are the ones hunting ourselves😀😀

29 thoughts on “Ghost That I Run From”

  1. I remember watching a vampire film with a friend. When he went home, I walked him to the door and there was a bat clinging to the screen door. All that went through my mind was that it could have been much worse if I had watched Jurassic Park. 🙂

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  2. Oh yes you did real good😘 I look like a crazy person at the moment👄I played one of flash games which got me drained in sweat after the horrible dream I had from it😀

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  3. It’s called flash, I can’t particularly remember the episode but I will search for it and mail it to you if that’s fine or I will just post it right here, I don’t have your email address😊

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