Good friends are hard to find. Keeping one is the ultimate regardless of the skin color, gender and lifestyle. It’s a thought provoking one. Posted by thevpub. Enjoy!

The V-Pub


I didn’t know many black people.  I grew up in a mostly Italian community.  My elementary school had one black girl and one black boy in it.  My neighborhood was all white.  Some Irish, some Italian, some Portuguese.  They were white, though, and we didn’t see past that skin color.  My world was very white.

I worked with Betty in an office years ago.  Betty was a short black, funny, beautiful woman.  I was a soon to be major rock star struggling night club musician who happened to work in an office all day.  I was whiter than white, with my hair dyed multiple colors.   Betty wore pleated pants and button down blouses to work.  Most days her hair was up in a bun.  We couldn’t have been more different, even if it were scripted.


Betty and I used to chat a lot at coffee.  She found me and my…

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