moonlight romance

Moonlight Romance

Have you ever thought of how it would feel tightly embraced in the  arms of a loved one under the moonlight. Whispering softly into each others ears, especially close to the seaside. Do you imagine the salty breeze arousing your skin coupled with the light touch of the hands on your flesh, stroking, tickling… It’s quite alluring even though I’ve never experienced that. It’s just my imagination; I believe dreams can come true…


There’s something comforting about sitting out and looking out at the moon in the dead of the night. I used to do this quite often when I was a lot younger, and then I would see a star fall, and quickly make a wish, unfortunately non of those wishes have come true-Just yet…


The moon is natures gift or creation I would say, I consider it a gift because I love the light that radiates from it, the beauty of it is magnificent. It signifies different meanings to different people, cultures and religious bodies. I’m glad I’m religious enough not to worship the moon even though I cherish it….

Don’t you just think romance is best fulfilled under the moonlight? Natural endowment it is…

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39 thoughts on “Moonlight Romance”

  1. Dreams can come true if you believe in them enough. I love looking at the moon, we had a most beautiful one here last night, and at 5am watching the most gorgeous Sun rising I have seen in a long time (I live by the Sea so I guess that helps) – and yes I went to bed just after 5am to dream.

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  2. Yup I also imagine about it every now and then. How does it feel to be in someone’s embrace. That someone appreciating you and everything about you. 😍😍😅I remember gazing at the sky and star all night. Somehow pollution has blurred the sight and made the beauty fade along with it.😢

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