Things To Know About Online Dating

Gone are the days of meeting potential partners through friends, families or in the social environment. Online dating is now in the big picture and making real waves across the internet and on applications. Online dating is real and has come to stay! And Yes you can find love through this medium.

The requirements needed to go online dating is just by going to play store, type online dating and within seconds various applications that can be downloaded pops up. It can be found across different Niche. It encourages friends without borders; This dating system has helped several couples in meeting up, some ended in fairy tale stories while some ended disastrous, but isn’t that the same thing with people that actually met physically (Real World)? My opinion is that it’s a fifty fifty thing. It either ends well or doesn’t.

Dating online has made it a lot easier for workaholics to also have an opportunity to meet a lovely man or woman without having to sit at the bar or on the streets waiting for a good looking one to come along, you no longer need to wait forever to be hooked up by a friend or family.

You don’t have to worry about being shy or confident enough to approach anyone. The internet does that for you. Just by putting up your profile, two or three good looking pictures and optimistic wordings before you start sending out icebreakers. Otherwise you might not get as many positive responses.

A lot of people question the safety of dating online. Disadvantages of online dating which can be averted are as follows:

1. Use of fake pictures on the profile: What you need to do is to always search for the opposite sex with different pictures with same face on it. Once you see a profile with one picture, ‘ X’ it and move to another one until you find the one that meets your requirements.

2. They might not be who they say they are: Ask as many questions as possible, ask the same questions again, they will surely forget the lies they told at one point or the other but give space of time and days or weeks before you ask the questions again. Once you figure out that they are aren’t who they said they are, it’s easier for you to move on because you haven’t met them in the physical, just delete their profile and that’s it.

3. They try to exploit you: Be very patient in online dating, don’t rush into having emotional feelings for someone you haven’t met yet. Get to know the persons background and if possible contact someone that you know very well who might be close to his or her location so that they can do some findings on the person. Once they get used to chatting with you and start demanding for money. Pleeeaaasseeee RUN!!! That’s all I have to write about this point.

I recommend looking at online dating as a very sophisticated means of dating that introduces you to potential matches. After finding the one you like and is OK in all sphere, then please move offline and start with the next stage of falling in love, go to cinemas, party with friends and you won’t live to regret it.


39 thoughts on “Things To Know About Online Dating”

  1. I think it is so true that if you meet someone and you both start seeing each other hide your profile and concentrate on that person. Sadley too many people keep looking and messaging many people – almost as if it is an addiction. Quality over quantity I say.

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  2. I know many young people who met on Internet. I have tried it to but got disappointed. I would like to meet an interesting man on Internet. I’m sure there are a lot out there 🙂
    Have you tried online dating? Experience? What did you find?

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  3. I’ve used plenty of online dating sites in the past. OkCupid, CMB, POF, Match, eHarmony, Tinder, you name it! I went overboard and needed the break and I’m glad to meet much less women now but make much more of each encounter. I wonder if I’ll ever dip my toe into that pool again. Depends on the temperature I guess. Great post!

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  4. I’ve also seen people use very, very old pictures of themselves (over a decade), which I feel is also dishonest.

    And I’ve had experience with that whole list. Another is a person might already be in a relationship. I met someone who was actually married and didn’t reveal it to me until much later on!

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  5. There are lots of interesting people on the internet, meeting the right one is the challenge. I tried online dating once and we ended up not dating because he was recovering from a very bad one which I refused to get involved in so we ended being very good friends and still are. I haven’t found another decent one yet, just need to be patient😊💞

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  6. You are very right Barbarella. I met one on happenings that eventually confessed he was engaged to be married and that was after bombarding him with so many questions. Then I asked him to put his profile down and go offline but he still hasn’t. I actually have a friend that met his hubby through a man he met through the online dating platform so it isn’t so bad afterall😊

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  7. You really must have had some experiences. I end up not dating most of the men I meet online but become business partners or just very close friends😀😀 It’s so wierd. I actually met one that asked for money and I told him politely to scram😀

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  8. Definitely lots of them👌 One just have to be very careful and sensitive. The funny thing is this also happens even when you meet them in the physical, so I sure don’t discourage online dating, though it hasn’t gotten me a guy to date yet but it has gotten me good friends that I relate with casually and business referrals😊

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  9. Business partners from swiping right! Hahah. Imagine that. I think a guy’s experience meeting a girl online is very different. I don’t worry about my safety, I worry about theirs. So it’s always meeting in their town at places near them so they’re more comfortable. And I definitely don’t ask for money!

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  10. I experienced online dating in its earlier years (2001-2007). From what I hear, all the awful things about it then have only magnified now. People were superficial and dishonest then about a lot of things and posted pictures that were much younger, etc. Sure, there were some really nice guys, too, but you had to weed through the muck to find them. I think women in search of a real, serious relationship that leads to love need to view online dating only as ONE way to meet men. As you said, an introduction to a potential mate. My advice to people looking is get involved in activities you love. Don’t be afraid to tell people you trust (friends, family, etc.) that you want to meet someone. Fix ups are still a viable way to match up with someone looking for the same thing. You have to try lots of methods, take a break, then do it again. I tried them ALL for years and eventually met my husband in a bar…but I was with a group of friends from a hiking group having fun, not exactly on the prowl. And I learned to keep an open mind about someone instead of judging them instantly as I had been doing for a decade’s worth of dating.

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  11. Thanks for writing. I recently joined the online dating scene and it’s taking some getting used to. I am learning to be more and more cautious and to not takes things personally. I also wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago and will continue sharing my experiences.


  12. I respect your opinion about the awfulness of online dating. True it can be terrible but note that it has worked for some and not for others. Still same with meeting people physically, we all just have to be careful in any form of dating💕


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