Perplexed -Admiring a Girl and Lusting after Another

Perplexed-Admiring a Girl and Lusting After Another

The situation where a man meets a lady, builds an attraction where he is on the verge of seriously deciding if he should go ahead and date her, and then something happens that might change the whole scenario.

Here is how the story goes: I met a lady through a good friend of mine while I travelled back to my country. she seemed so nice, and beautiful. We chatted for a while, even though I was in the country for a very short period, we still kept in touch after I journeyed back to my base.

Then one day I was automatically invited to a group chat on Whatsapp, where I saw a lady’s picture among st the long list, she looked very attractive that there was no way anyone could miss it, I got drawn to the physique, that I had to place a call to the number on the Whatsapp contact. We got talking, and became friends. Subsequently, I found out that the Whatsapp group invite was from my intended girlfriend back in my country which she said was a mistake on her part while trying to add friends on her contact list. I became perplexed when she informed me that her friend (Whatsapp Contact) called her after getting a call from me.

I got disorientated from hearing that, so I explained to her how I got the invite and decided to call her…

The lady’s I mage I saw and put a call across too was her close friend, who asked my intended girlfriend (IG) a couple of questions about me, not knowing I had plans of dating my IG. Now I’m confused because my IG is acting withdrawn from me, and what confuses me more is that she also didn’t tell her friend about us, but decided to keep it away from her. I like her but she doesn’t seem to be giving me all the attention I think I deserve and the other lady gives me a lot of this attention I need but I don’t like her as much. Sincerely she is actually the only lady I have met so far and really adore. But does she feel same way about me??

I have tried to explain to her that the reason I placed the call is because she never gives me enough attention, so I felt she didn’t like me enough, and moreover that I didn’t know the other lady was her friend but she’s just acting weird.

My opinion is that he should stay away from the two of them for a while and let his heart decide or have a serious chat with the IG to know if she really wants to spend her life with him or not.

Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome.


15 thoughts on “Perplexed-Admiring a Girl and Lusting After Another”

  1. He should stay single for a while because either way he won’t be genuinely happy. Everything will play out how it’s suppose to.

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  2. Now I’m perplexed too! 😀
    The drama that played out between the two girls is quite interesting. He should stay away from both, and also avoid falling into such tricky situation again.

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  3. I concur with your advice. He should definitely chill and take a breather for a while. Pursuing the opposite sex (or the same depending on which way you swing) is exhausting. When there’s two it’s double exhaustion. He should take a step back and put it to the back of his mind. Let the answer come to him naturally

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  4. I guess i agree to what you say, Let him take a break and decide what he want in life.
    Secondly, if his reason for leaving his IG is because she doesn’t give him attention, i would suggest that he sit n talk with her and open up about what he feels about the relationship and why it isnt working., provided he still has feelings for her and wants to work it out.

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  5. He should have talked to his current partner and told her how he felt he was lacking attention needed, before being tempted by the other woman. It shouldn’t be that difficult in the early days, he’s best keeping a distance from both. He sounds a bit emotionally immature and should learn to communicate his feelings better.

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