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Astronomy, cosmos, the sun, moon, star, earth… have been studied for years. Do you think that we’ll ever populate other planets? Earth resources are getting depleted. Find out more from this interesting post by Paul Bailey.

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Some time in my mid-twenties I developed a crazy obsession with astronomy. I mean I went nuts over it.

Professor Brian Cox definitely had a lot to do with it. I can’t fully recall, but I think it was when Wonders of the Solar System first appeared on BBC. I saw it advertised and thought ‘now that sounds interesting; I must give it a watch’. After five minutes I was hooked.

The reason I can’t properly recall whether it was Wonders that got me hooked on astronomy is because I was either into it a bit beforehand, saw it advertised and was keen to watch or Wonders itself awoke my obsession with the subject.

brian-cox-saturn Professor Brian Cox and his no nonsense methods make the basics of astronomy easy for anybody to understand

Regardless, my affinity for the moons, planets and stars awoke within me and I’ve never looked back. Granted…

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8 thoughts on “Paul.E.Bailey’s World – The Article of Astronomical Proportions…”

  1. What I find interesting in astronomy is that the ancients had a profound understanding of it. Perhaps not in the way that we understand it, but they certainly were away of celestial precession. Megalithic construction, even as far back as Göbekli Tepe which was occupied as early as the tenth millennium BCE.

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  2. Yes indeed. The sun, moon, planets and stars have always been a source of inspiration since the very early days and it’s really not hard to see why. Pantheons have been dedicated to the heavenly bodies because our forefathers always believed we were intermittently linked to them. How right they were!

  3. The Dogon tribe in Mali is a very interesting topic. There religion contained a belief in duality and doubling of the individual life. Is it coincidence that they worshiped Sirius B – a dwarf star – which is also a binary star?

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  4. I think that there was a sophisticated civilization whose demise culminated with the events surrounding the Younger Dryas. It’s what Graham Hancock writes about. So, when we discover that the Pyramids in Egypt are aligned according to cardinal points, it seems probable that they had a knowledge of celestial alignments. Sorry for going off on a tangent!

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