Love, Sex & Marriage in The Ancient Time

Love, Sex & Marriage In The Ancient Time

When we look back to history, we find out that love, sex and marriage is quite different from what we have now. Ancient times dating back to centuries ago; polygamy was practiced more, even by the Hebrews. According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives with hundreds of children but now in the 20th century till date, polygamy has reduced except still being practiced amongst the Muslims according to their religion and by some upper class people mostly in the African region.

Marriage used to be based on contracts to seal nations. The elite married their daughters off to acquire wealth, properties and lands. Women had no say in whom they can marry or what their heart desired. Marriages were mostly arranged and finalised at their young age. Marriages used to last longer, ‘until death do us apart’ was for real. Nowadays people marry for love, and then divorce creeped in like a thief in the night unfortunately it doesn’t creep in anymore, it comes out boldly to announce itself without any care in the world.

In ancient times people bear children as if it was a competition, nowadays it is suppressed by family planning to reduce over population, moreover some nations are getting poorer, their is very little means of feeding families. Majority of couples actually avoid having children and can basically decide if they want kids or not and how many they want.

In ancient times marriage was legalised between men and women but now we have legalised same sex marriages.

Sex was meant for virgins and practiced after marriage back in the centuries, it was done more cautiously; now people have sex at their leisure times for fun. I’ve heard some crazy facts about sex back then, I’m not sure which is crazier. Is sex more enjoyable and decent now or nastier in the ancient times? Please find out here. 



25 thoughts on “Love, Sex & Marriage In The Ancient Time”

  1. I think there are pros and cons no matter which way you look at it, but my belief personally is that marriage is becoming outdated. It’s a blingy way for a lot of people to show off. Of course, many still do it out of love, but as you so poignantly stated, divorce is as easy as marriage nowadays. I don’t believe marriage any more proves a person’s love than buying a house together. But then I’m talking as a white British atheist. My opinion is bound to differ from a Muslim Bangladeshi woman for example

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  2. You are obviously right about some people showing off with marriage. Marriage sometimes to me makes no sense with the way it’s been abused now. Thanks for commenting💝

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  3. I resist the temptation to put everyone in the same bucket and that includes those who wish to marry. I’ve know many a poor couple that didn’t have the money for the blingy wedding, but still were immensely happy at their union. Of course there are those who wish to experience that one day without thought about the promise they had made. As far as the ancients? Yeah, they were crazy about sex.

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  4. You’ve done some studying here! You are right of course about marriages which you have stated. But it was never intended to be that way from the beginning. God created marriage for one man to one woman. The marriages you speak of here were allowed for various reasons, but again, it wasn’t designed that way in the beginning, (see Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:4-5)…


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  5. That’s was not intended to be that way from the beginning.
    Marriage is a sacred thing.
    As for comparing sexual practices from history to the present, I will say as King Solomon said, ” There is nothing new under the sun.”

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  6. Amen to this! The world will always be the world. Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it very much…



  7. Yes this is quite true. In fact concept of love marriages just came into being 200 years ago. There is a great book by stephanie Cruz ‘Marriages a history How love conquered marriage.

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